Partner may not require life without sex or intimacy, say the couple and sexual therapist.The Video presents the good sex positions and sex aids that facilitate, for example, back pain.

did you Notice that sex has been lost somewhere along the way? All the others will certainly do it, and dare even to talk about, you might be wondering. Not only that hobby. Finnish couples have year by year more less sex and the sex of the waning or end of comes up a couple and sex therapist Jouni Pölönen office on a daily basis. Most of the Pölönen clients are couples. He has met during his career high set a couple and keep the reception Up.

the Sex may end or be reduced, for example, because the work is all the time present in the mail, and you will reach in the evening. The couple drift away from each other. Heterosexual relations with multiple women may experience, that the responsibility to take care of is distributed unfairly.

Desire can wane also some physiological reason. If the reluctant party is the man, the reluctance of the reason is Pölönen experience according to a number of physiological. He directs the inexplicable reluctance to tell men always special in the doctor’s office.

at the Reception there will be some fifty men who have sex end of any physiological reason, but they have not resolved it and have started to believe in himself and his partner that I’m already this age, isn’t sex a part of my life anymore, Pölönen says.

mostphotos uneven division of labor can kill sex

women, too, the reluctance of the reason may be physiological, but this is less often than men, because women usually go for men more doctor if they have health concerns.

If a woman is experiencing the reluctance of sex, often he will experience, for example, household chores being divided unfairly. Such a division of labor driven, for example, if only the woman has used the family leave and have been home with the kids. Women may experience that you have to Marsbahis run everyday to an unreasonable amount, and in addition between man isn’t an adult relationship, but one of the children increases, Pölönen tell

Sometimes the reluctance of the reason the previous relationship of trauma or childhood trauma.

the Second may not require life without sex

What then to do, if sex is on the wane? The situation is not worth Pölönen, according to ever so, but to accept or to think that it is already too old for sex.

the Couple defines itself, what is a sufficient amount of sex, but sexuality is part of life and physiological sense, sex is that thing that makes a relationship a relationship. I think it is not normal if a couple has no sex life or any other forms of physical intimacy. Sex is proven to have a connection to happiness, Pölönen says.

the Therapist in the work he has noticed that the sex, clearly harm people.

– If the sex is not, people can be apeita, even depressed, and life can show up just run the quarry. Often this is compounded by the fact that the relationship of affection, touching or another into account what.

Pölönen view, the partner may not require life without sex or intimacy.

– the Second may not require to accept that sex and intimacy are. If a man acts thus, he does not act fair in a couple relationship. Another will tell you that the situation does not feel good.

Pölönen according to the experience of an open relationship is a few a suitable solution of the other party’s reluctance.

– for the Majority of people become open relationship insecure and jealous feeling.

imagination introduced sex in

Both sides of the diseases can cause the break of intercourse and it becomes accepted.

at that point you take your imagination to help you and try other ways of sex. Don’t just settle for the situation, because it is a risk to a relationship. And although sex would be a break or it will no longer be successful at all of sickness, the second observation and touching is not going to stop. Proximity will remain. Important is open and brave enough to discuss between a couple. This should always be possible. Sex is at its best, joy-bringing thing.