Musikhjälpen+ FÖLJSpetz: the Friends will pay for that prataNu he gets locked up in the ”Musikhjälpens” cage – lets your friends donate money in order to be able to keep in touch, ”May drop to the”PLEASURE

Tonight, he becomes locked in ”Musikhjälpens” glasbur.

But William Spetz is completely unprepared for what will happen.

“I got to go in with you on Aftonbladet to read about the artists and the guests that will come,” he says.

Radiohjälpens annual major production together with the Swedish Radio and SVT, ”new york” kicks off on Monday.

William Spetz , 22, will be locked up in a glasbur in Lund together with Daniel Adams-Ray , 35 Farah Abadi , 30, lead the collection with a week of live broadcasts around the clock. In this year’s ”new york”, the focus is on children and young people with disabilities all over the world.

– I do not think that it is possible to prepare so much. I have just tried to reset me. We got pretty clear instructions from the producer not to read too much about the theme, for we as the presenter shall not sit on high horses and explain, but we’ll also learn together with the viewers and listeners, ” says Spetz.

Photo: Mattias Ahlm / Sveriges RadioWilliam Spetz with Farah Abadi and Daniel Adams-Ray in the ”Musikhjälpens” glasbur hours before they become inlåstaHållit secret for the hosts,

”Musikhjälpens” editorial staff has kept the contents a secret for the hosts.

– There is a large white board filled with information that we don’t have got to see. I had to go in with you on Aftonbladet to read about the artists and the guests who will come. It is a little bit of it that is the issue, that we should go on this roller coaster with all who watch and listen and wish songs. So I know nothing.

What will you miss the most on the outside?

– Kebab perhaps. Thus, we will not eat so much so I will probably miss the food, perhaps to watch ”Desperate housewives”, as the cheesy stuff, but I probably will not be able to miss so much because there is so much going on.

Friends may pay to keep in touch

No friend or person on the outside as you will miss the extra much?

– this sounds so awful, I really love my friends, they are the most important in my life. But they are still there. I have said to them that they may wish for the songs and write messages in the motiveringsrutan. It is a chance to talk with me on the road, but then they drop to also, ” he says, laughing big.

to wish for songs in the ”Something” you need to at the same time donate a minimum of £ 50 to Radiohjälpens collection.

– Send us money, so we’re talking, ” says William Spetz and laughing.