“”T2 Trainspotting” – no ordinary sequel”

“BERLIN. ”T2 Trainspotting” is no ordinary sequel.nDärför wanted to director Danny Boyle call it something completely different. Film fading when they heard his svårsålda proposal.n– I wanted to call The film ”The least unfamiliar,” says Danny Boyle. But ”T2” is what the characters themselves would call it. To celebrate, and provoke you, James Cameron.”

“”T2” is otherwise the ”Terminator 2”, as the worn-out protagonists in Edinburgh think is one of the world’s best movies, according to Danny Boyle. It has been just over 20 years ago, ”Trainspotting”, and the new is very much about being older and the passage of time.n– The largest specialeffekten in the movie is the time, ” says Ewan Bremner as the re-play Spud. You can not buy aging in sminkaffären.n”Trainspotting” in 1996 ended with that Mark Renton (Ewan McGregor) flee to Amsterdam with a lot of money. Now, he will be back to Scotland, which is causing different reactions among the others in the gang.”

“the Film has the original mood, energy, visual playfulness and a lot of music.n– We wanted to capture the power from the first film’s soundtrack. Therefore, we had some of the same songs in the other mixes, ” says Danny Boyle. But also new music of a band from Edinburgh, Young Fathers, which comes from the same high-rise residential construction as the characters.”

“They’ve been talking about making a new film in several years. There was a script that was based on Irvine Welshs novel ”Porno”, but Danny Boyle thought so little of it that he didn’t even wanted to send it to the actors.,n– But two years ago, John Hodge a personal script about aging, masculinity, disappointments, pains. When I read it, I knew that all the actors would say yes. And they did, ” says Danny Boyle.n”T2 – Trainspotting” get the Swedish release, 22 February.”