Leonardo da Vinci, in the version of ‘Pasapalabra’ of Christian Gálvez knowledge and posverdad

The proposal Christian Gálvez around the figure of Leonardo da Vinci, an exhibition in the Palace of the Jewelry, in Madrid, entitled The faces of genius, accompanied by a set of parts set forth in the transit zone of the National Library (biblioteca nacional), as a prelude to the exhibition of the Codices Madrid I and Madrid II of the renaissance genius, has led to a complaint of professional intrusion against the popular presenter of the tv show Pasapalabra. The complaint is signed by the Spanish Committee of Art History (CEHA), an entity that groups more than 500 professors of the subject. In a statement, last Thursday, the experts criticize the complicity in the project of Ana Santos, the director of the BNE, under whose institutional umbrella has organized the double exposure.

The declaration of the professors responds to complaints received by several associates, among them professor Benito Navarrete, of the University of Alcalá de Henares. Heard the concerns and view of the double-exposure, the association has decided to “report by professional intrusion” to Galvez, who, “relying on the popularity of television and in their knowledge of the figure of Leonardo translated in works of fiction with, at times, dubious bases-historical documentaries, have allowed it to be placed in reference to sociological without any endorsement of a scientific nature”, you say in your note. Recognize the ability of media Gálvez, “to which join the various foundations, companies and institutions, and their logical commercial interests and image”, but lament in the text that “has diffused an image of large exposure, which does not correspond with reality”.

Asked yesterday by this newspaper, Santos declined to comment on the text. He said that he had not read it, and only do so when the complaint is official. “No one hath commanded me nor have I seen it published”, he explained.

The part which is the author’s intellectual Galvez exposed in the Palace of the Jewelry, and proposes a review of “Leonardo in jeans”, said the presenter on the day of the presentation, the 28th of November. With eagerness for teaching, places her figure with audiovisual resources, models and augmented reality experiences. The intrusiveness is for the historians to double. Galvez, “nor is it expert recognized scientifically in the figure of Leonardo or in the culture of his time”. “Nor is it” add, “professional in what refers to the curator [sic] exhibition”.

have Nothing to do with the historians who oppose the work of Elisa Ruiz, professor of Palaeography and great expert in the work manuscript of the florentine artist, who is in charge of the installation of the two Codices and their historical setting. Yes criticize, in contrast, that the BNE to be associated with the project. “On this occasion, we believe you have sought out Perabet a few bad travel companions, which have diluted the work that has been done with all rigour in the National Library”.

The director of the biblioteca nacional welcomed the day of the inauguration in the Palace of the Jewels, the property of Montemadrid, that “the institutions joining together for projects of this calibre”. It also declined to rule on the proposal of Galvez, because it’s not the “had seen”. Yesterday he said that he had not yet taken the time to do this. “What I can say is that it seems to me positive that if 30,000 people, for example, prefer to see this show instead of going to see shows full of aggression, it will all have been worth it.” And add the fact that since the opening of the exhibition of the Codices, the visits have increased by 400% in the biblioteca nacional”.

on The 27th of November, Saints, before the complaints of Navarrete, and other teachers, replied in writing to the president of the CEHA, Rafael López Guzmán: “In the BNE, you are going to expose the Codices Madrid and the curator of the exhibition is professor Elisa Ruiz, whose prestige and academic quality is beyond doubt. In the part of the staircase, the area is not intended for exhibition, but a space of transit, of people, have placed some reproductions of large-size machines and objects, a replica of those contained in the Codices”. And he added: “the selection of these reproductions has been taken over by the lord Gálvez, as selflessly has funded all the expenses of the exhibition. Therefore, the statement of the lord Navarrete miss the truth and is based on an interview [in The World to Gálvez], without having bothered to verify the information.”

A disputed self-portrait found in 2008

In the Palace of Jewels of Madrid is not exposed to original work, except for the cuestionadísimo self-portrait known as Tavola Lucana, which was discovered in the south of Italy, in 2008, and considered fake by several experts in the work of the genius of florence.

As explained in the presentation, the project has been designed by Christian Galvez and performed with the company Initiatives and Exhibitions, partners in this private initiative, the collaborating Mediaset Spain, where Gálvez presents Pasapalabra , and the publisher Penguin Random House (Aguilar, seal of the group, has published his latest book, mona lisa decoded, the third of his dedicated to the painter).

Faith of errors

For the error, in the printed version of this news does not reproduce the statements of the director of the National Library, Ana Santos, which are included herein.