most people have a close relationship with Astrid lindgren’s literary “Pippi”-universe. In 1969 was also the world for the first time introduced to the history of “the world’s strongest girl” in the movie format.

Actress Inger Nilsson (59) was only eight years old when she, as one of 8,000 aspiring mia maids, hijacked the role of the s about the strong girl with freckles, ape, horse and a private villa .

In a larger interview with SVT, courtesy of the Swedish Expressen, reveals Nilsson now hitherto unknown details about the innspillinga and life as a child star.

KNOWN AND LOVED CHARACTER: Inger Nilsson was only eight years old when she was cast as Pippi Longstocking and was known around the world. Here in character, with the monkey “Mr. Nilsson”. Photo: Aftonbladet Bild / NTB Scanpix Show more

Even if thousands wanted to take on the role of the fearless rødtoppen Pippi, acknowledge Nilsson that skuespilleroppdraget has characterized her whole life – both good and bad.

the 59-year-old had only slept away from their parents one night in their lives when filminnspillingen started in the winter of 1968 at Røros in Norway.

Was the star of the night six. Now, revealing what happened afterwards

It was a bit special to go to Norway and be completely gone from their home. But it worked. It did, but I called the lot home, every night, ” says Inger Nilsson to SVT, according to the newspaper.

People were mad

Together with Per Sundberg (61) and Maria Persson (59), respectively in the roles of Tommy and Annika, helped Nilsson in four “Pippi”movies between 1969 and 1973.

In hindsight, she chose to educate themselves to the secretary. That was not random.

BARNESTJERNER: Inger Nilsson (Pippi), Per Sundberg (Tommy) and Maria Persson (Annika) on the “Pippi”-recording of Røros, in 1968. While Nilsson is still active as an actor, Sundberg and Persson chosen other directions in their lives. Photo: Aage Storløkken / NTB Scanpix Show more

– People were crazy for Pippi. It is something that happens to people when they see her. I have understood now, ” says the 59-year-old. Bahsine

Etterdønningen was great. Both the press and fans from all corners of the world would have a bit of the young girl. It was finally too much to handle.

We were forced to unlock the door to the end, all of a sudden, there could be some in the hall who asked: “Where is she?”.

– Always recognized

What would be the entrance to a hopefully long and exciting acting career, was something else entirely. In step with the time got Nilsson a very strained relationship to the character, and a refusal for each to take Pippis name in his mouth.

“Pippi Longstocking”-the star claims she was sextrakassert

When I was interviewed, or had to talk about the films, I said always: “When I played the role of …”. To not say the name Pippi was a private protest, ” she explains.

today The 59-year-old, however, got a more relaxed attitude to it all. In an interview with Expressen in 2013 stated Nilsson fans still know her again on the streets – nearly 50 years after the premiere of the first film.

I will always be recognized. In Germany and Northern Europe can beundrerne stand in the rain for over ten hours to get a glimpse of me. I also get the letter. Four-five a day. I have boxes of letters at home, she said at the time.

do not Give interviews

After a hard encounter with the limelight, chose Nilsson after each to bet on skuespilleryrket. Even with the success around the film adaptation of “Pippi”-the universe, she was in no way served an acting career on a silver platter.

DID NOT WORK: Inger Nilsson (59) has previously stated that she experienced difficulties with to be employed after having played Pippi Longstocking. The picture is taken in 2007. Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix Show more

– I have had a hard time getting roles. As an adult, educated me on the Teaterhøyskolen. But no theater manager would hire me. They only said: “You’re Pippi Longstocking. You may not worked with us,” said Nilsson of Expressen five years ago.

From 2006 Nilsson, who is still an actor, had the role of obdusenten Ewa in the German-Swedish krimserien “Der Kommissar und das Meer”.

five years ago, wrote the Expressen ” that the Sundberg, in the role of Tommy, let his acting on the shelf. He was in the adult age Scandinavia-chief of a PR company, before he settled in Spain. Sundberg has not given any interviews in recent time.

Persson, in the role of Annika, wanted to continue his career as an actor, and studied at the teaterskolen Calle Flygare. According to Expressen omskolerte she refuses, however, to the nurse, before she met a spaniard and moved to Spain.

Barnestjerna reveals why she changed the name and disappeared from the limelight