yesterday evening held Laksevåg-the rapper the Camel a concert in Kristiansand. Around midnight ended the police concert.

There were so many circumstances in so brief a time that the police on the spot, decided to end the concert, said operasjonsleder Eivind Formo at the Agder police district to the Newspaper in the night.

the Police concluded concert in Kristiansand: Violence against police and guards, drug use and a high number of full persons – Not violence

the Reason was, according to the police to “maintain security for the general public and peace and order”. Artist the Camel, which is actually named Marcus Mosele, was one of six who were detained by the police.

I can confirm that the Camel was arrested in the night during a concert. Based on the information that I have received, so shall it be based on statements that he made during the concert, ” says his lawyer, Jørgen Riple, to Dagbladet.

After that the lawyer knows, the Camel became arrested “because of the verbal speech during the concert”.

– After what I know, there are not talking about violence, just verbal speech. According to the information I have received, so is what he said in what an artist can say when he’s acting. It seems to me that legally, ” says Riple.

NRK-profile Leo Ajkic to be the manager of the Camel. He has, among other things, laid out a post that refers to a concert that the artist will be in Oslo in January.

I’m on vacation now, and have no comments, ” says Ajkic to the Newspaper.

– Not happy in the client

the Lawyer didn’t want to say anything about what the artist said from the stage.

– There is reason to fear that the police are not exactly very fond of ” my client. It is a question about his rule of law is as great as all the others, but we’ll get to see eventually. It is quite amazing that he is taken and has sat in the brig for a night because of this, ” says Riple.

Friday was the rapper to be released by the police.

On Twitter wrote the police that the event was canceled “because there were several scuffles, violence against guards, public nuisance, use and possession of drugs, high numbers of intoxicated persons, forulemping by the police, as well as attempts at violence against the police”.

– In conjunction with the concert is the five person apprehended, and a person essay. They had to sleep in a politihuset, and all six will be prosecuted for what they have done and then questioned. They might get a fine, ” says Christian Ekra, operasjonsleder by the Police in Agder, to the Newspaper in the morning hours Saturday.

Operasjonslederen’t want to say anything about who the six people are.

Reviled and celebrated,

It is not the first time that rapartisten is in a brawl with the police.

I shall never return to prison. It is the goal, but you know well never, said artist Marcus Mosele in a larger interview with Dagbladet in november of last year.

In march last year left off Mosele out of prison after having spent 20 months of violence. It was in prison that he made his first music. In november of last year he released his first album.

– With the album I want to bring out the ambivalence we have to the choices one makes. There are always two sides, and anything or anyone that affects the electoral process. A good and an evil side you can well say, and often end with the bad choice. People are getting whatever to interpret the music yourself, said the Camel then.

< p> “the Camel” (24) escaped from prison and humiliated bergenspolitiet:
– I shall never return ” Plus