Why rejoice in the small breasts? Yourtango.com to tell many good reasons.

Small chested women wait easier to just bust grow or think, is my body too boyish. Worry about for no reason, because of the small breasts is enough to the benefits and pleasure of topics, telling Yourtango site.

1. You enjoy sex

small breasted can enjoy more in bed than povekkaat. Larger breasts are 24% less esteem than the small, claims at the university of Vienna by the research. The explanation is that small breasts have less fatty tissue than in the big cities. In addition, they easily caress.

2. Does not hang,

Breast clinging to not bothering with tiny breasts … especially if you don’t even need a bra. A French study found that bras using the even worse for some, breast hanging, because the bra prevents breast muscle tissue from growing.

3. You look younger

Small breasts remain longer perky and youthful. Big bosom began easily hang with age. In addition, small-breasted women often look younger than shapely women.

4. Avoid seksismiltä

according to studies, big breasts men are sexist more. Big breasts men think women to be weak, told the Westminster university by the research. According to studies, small-breasted women attractive, wealthy and successful men. Big breasts were less educated tastes.

5. You flashing

Shirt to tighten the voluptuous easily in front. The button between the flashes of cleavage. The buttons are in danger of open. Small breasts do not need to worry about such, because of the small breasts with the shirt than the shirt. Especially in summer you can iloitella different clothes: tube tops, Betgaranti open shirts, collars tied to their tops, a variety of bikini – all sit well.

Aukeileva buttons need not be afraid, if there is a small breast size. 6. You have good posture

small tittied suffer less back and neck pain than the large-breasted. Also posture is better, because the breasts do not pull the shoulders so much etukenoon and per country. Big breasts can weigh up to six to ten pounds. Doctor Marisa Weiss large breasts can cause therefore also headaches.

7. Easy to buy waistcoat

Small breasts is easy to find a favorite bra. The tulip, without armature, sports vests – the options do not stop in the middle. Isorintaisilla is not as easy. Many have to visit specialty stores for shopping.

8. Breast cancer easier to detect

If the breast cancer comes along, you may see the tumor better and you get treatment faster. Small solid breast cancer is detected more easily, because they have less tissue, Weiss said.

9. You’re not the only one

Success and beauty do not have big breasts caught. It witnesses small tittied successful celebrity women, such as Kate Moss, Cameron Diaz, Mila Kunis, Olivia Wilde and Gwyneth Paltrow . You can position yourself as proudly as they.

Tumors can be found more easily with small breasts.

Story has been published for the first time in September 2015.

Source: YourTango

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