“what The photo is in the pool?”, question Àngels Chacón (Igualada, 1968), in the lobby of the swimming pools Bernat Picornell in Montjuïc. It is a midday, and sunny, but the water outside is 10 degrees, not suitable for the faint of heart. There are those who are nothing to do with neoprene. But the secretary of Company i Coneixemen t, which brings their swimming costume, hat and goggles, has asked totally serious. Yes, breathe relieved to know that the photo for this page will be in the heated swimming pool with water at 29°. And taking advantage of the session, give a few strokes. “The water is my element, I like flow, relaxes me,” he says.

Chacon is the first woman to be put to the front of a Company, a department that manages 1.370 million euros of budget and who is responsible, on the one hand, the business fabric of Catalonia is competitive, innovative, sustainable, open to the world and inclusive, and on the other to promote the research and funding of Catalan universities and the scholarships. “We have a lot of work. I do not underestimate the march of the companies, but I can not stay jammed in that,” he says, about the decision of 3,700 companies, according to sources in the Official Bulletin of the Commercial Registry, to move its headquarters outside of Catalonia, between last October and July this year, after the 1-O.

Was appointed secretary in June, and nothing more to arrive to his office, he asked for a chalkboard and a world map. The slate, to make diagrams and annotate tasks. Have a planisphere close to it is a vestige of the stage on which he travelled the world as a responsible of foreign trade in a company’s trash igualadina.

In those years, with his Law degree and specialization in international trade, and English and German as languages of header, caught a plane every week. Like you would wake up in a country in Europe from the Middle East, which were their prime markets along with the countries of the East. And played to adapt to everything. “He was always alone. That makes you more alert, especially in countries that, let’s say, of course, expected to meet with a man –he explains–. Sometimes, or they gave you the hand. But you learn to be a professional and I have to say that I made many friends. At the farewell, we were saying ‘God bless you, yours or mine’”.

he Toured Eastern Europe and the Middle East for work but the fright took him in Frankfurt, where she was arrested

The good part of the trips, he said, was the cultural baggage that you acquired, get rich with diversity and learn to respect, to have breadth of vision. The bad thing, the change of schedules, food, weather. But I was going to the destinations with the homework done. “I knew that the dinner would speak of football and I was studying the league of each country, so was not outside of the conversation,” explains, as an example of its adaptation to any scenario. And remember fun a dinner in Dubai, in the house of representative, which brought together people from different companies and religions. “There were jews, protestants, catholics, muslims and orthodox, and they asked me ‘hey, can you tell us what the Virgin Mary!’. What a situation, I, who am not a practitioner…”, he laughs.

all was Not so relaxed. On a layover in the Frankfurt airport the police stopped by a bubble on the passport photo. I was 32 years old. And it was a nightmare of several hours. “They locked Me in an isolated cell and armoured concrete. They made Me get naked, came two police officers with gloves, I dumped the collected hair. You feel such a little thing,” she said. We took pictures of front and profile. They took the luggage, they emptied the creams and rascaron the cardboard that she had been a kit, looking for drugs. The previous week I had been in Turkey. Asked the same questions several times, to see if they are contradicted. But he could call the consulate and your company and at the end there came a fax and everything was cleared up. And was able to return home.

Enter a policy was, at that time, something unimaginable. Although his father had been a council member independent of CiU in Vilanova del Camí, in the first summons city, she being a girl. “I remember that he said ‘the policy is very complicated, I have to make a living in my company –industrial maintenance– and I’ve had some disappointments’. My father, who passed away nine years ago, it was for me, a master of life and did not know that I would devote myself to politics, I have not been able to share with him anything of all this,” he laments.

In 2001, the birth of his first child, he left work in the company’s trash, and three years later was born his second daughter. In total, there were five years that he was away for that work that had been the center of his life. Instead, he sold shoes in the shop of her husband, now ex-husband, in Igualada. “I didn’t want to leave my children and fly around the world, had a physical dependence on them, and I am very glad I did. But then I went back to export”, she explains. Not for a long time. The detectarle his father, a cancer with poor prognosis, he left to travel.

Worked as a manager of the Joined Enterprise of Anoia, a position from which promoted with dr. Enric Macarulla a center of innovation in simulation for healthcare professionals. And in 2011, convergence and union will be proposed to join as an independent to the list of Marc Castells, in Igualada. From 2011 to 2017, with Castells mayor, Chacon was a council member and deputy mayor of territory, trade and industry. In 2016 he joined the PDECat, at the founding congress. And from there, his political career picked up speed cruise. She was the director general of Industry, a position from which he lived the intervention of the government by the State for the application of article 155, to the end of October. And, above all, the massive output of companies of Catalonia, an issue that remains on your table, now in his office of secretary of Company.