Hurry and are tightening their party clothes are not really what christmas is about. We offer our four casual party outfit and christmas easily the delicacy of the recipes, so please enjoy!

What sounds like a beautiful party dress that does not tighten yet christmas table rise after? And at the same time live the can throw yourself safely to the couch to enjoy chocolate. Perfect.

Riitta Heiskanen

Virpillä soft sweater and skirt. Olivia fluffy bunny sweatshirt, warm sweatpants and cat slippers. Beaded bun nightgown and johann under a festive sweater dress.

a Wonderful read with our Virpi , 50, and her grandson, Olivia , 6, as well as Joan , 29, and his Pearl -baby, 8 month, showcasing christmas the nicest party outfit.

Olivia beautiful box dress and Virpillä sweet lace blouse.

Lace that the solemnity of the casual outfit

Festive top should combine with casual skirt or pants christmas cozy party. Dress and warm socks are also unbeaten in the clothing combination for both children and adults. The most important thing is that nothing tighten or squeeze.

, 50, to spend christmas traditionally with the family. There are also living near the daughter and granddaughter of Olivia , 6.

Santa claus will visit, when Olivia’s uncle’s to pick up milk from the store. Sometimes santa claus is also involved in the elves.

– Important christmas is peaceful vibes! I do all my christmas food, smoke fish and boxes to the brim, Virpi says.

Johanna ankle-length dress and warm alpaca cardigan. Beaded sweet set, which includes a shirt and leggings.

Stop viileydelle! Alpaca wool coat finishing party dress

a patterned dress is a year-round Lunabit garment, that works in everyday life and party. Dress full color suitable for alpaca wool coat will keep you warm and soften the outfit.

, 29, family to spend christmas for the first time at home, and the Pearl -baby, 8 month, attracting the scene also grandparents and older siblings.

– Now is certainly a different christmas than in the past. Are we sure six, gifts and traditional christmas food, which the manufacturer now for the first time itself. In the morning we look at children’s programs, and we eat rice porridge. Christmas sauna is eve the highlight of the day, Johanna says.

knitted dress is the christmas credit clothes

Loose knitted dress is a wonderful safety clothing. Big bow is a trendy detail that makes the dress festive. The red color fits perfectly with christmas and fashion.

in February-the baby fall asleep at eight, after which begins a quiet evening among adults. Then eat cheeses and a gift of chocolate and not stressful. The best part of christmas is the time of the official traditions.

Christmas is for us to relax and spend time together. It is the family celebration, which is expected and prepared for with great care, Johanna rejoices.

Delicious marshmallow lollipop

you’ll need one disk of chocolate, marshmallows, sprinkles and paper straws dart thigh sticks.

1. Put a stick in each marshmallow.

2. Melt the chocolate in a water bath or gently in the microwave.

3. Dip marshmallows one by one in the melted chocolate and let excess chocolate drain off.

4. Sprinkle strösselit soft chocolate on top and allow to solidify.

Beaded patterned dress, soft cardigan and frilly leggings. Olivia floral textured jumpsuit.

Lindex children’s wear selection is extensive. Beautiful dress and fun tights clothes are more comfortable christmas outfits.

Virpillä V-head on the road equipped with knitting and festive pants. Ballerina model in socks only available in stores.

Velvet is now the trendiest material

velvet pants are fashionable and yet casual. Soft sweater is just the top slightly shiny surface to the fathers pants. Ballet tossumaiset nyörisukat are cozy version of party shoes. And big earrings to bring home to the mouth of a party feel.

Because christmas is so much goodies, Virpi and Olivia bake cookies already with independence day around. Then their family will start christmas preparation.

– we Get the tree in good time and we grandma’s house in olivia, too, has its own, white tree, Virpi says.

Olivia charming porohiuspanta and velour dress.

What a wonderful, glittering reindeer antlers! The little elves are now the reindeer, who makes fun of the way through the saints. Velvet is a this moment the most fashionable material.

christmas in all the best is the fact that getting packages. This year I hoped to sing the horse, Olivia gets excited.

Johanna casual floral dress and tassel earrings. Tights only available in stores.

Thrilled about the stockings!

frill details make the dress fashionable. Print dress will instantly add a kick, when worn under a fishnet stockings. Wine red mesh tights look black softer.

Christmas sweet the peppermint hearts

This is the christmas sweet treat instructions, which was born six peppermint heart.

you will need 12 peppermint rods, two plates of your favorite my chocolate and sprinkles for decoration.

1. Take the platform on a baking sheet. Put peppermint rods together so that they form a heart.

2. Melt the chocolate in a water bath or gently in the microwave and filling the heart center with chocolate.

3. Decorate a chocolate section as soon as sprinkles and let the treats to harden overnight.

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