My daughter Lotte 23-year-old( which is the ‘pæredansk’) is married to Mesut from Turkey.

– They have been together for 2 1/2 years and have a small son at 7 months.

They searched in the august family reunion here in Denmark and are now waiting for the answer.

– Lotte reads HF and pt on maternity leave. A maternity leave which should be filled with joy and happiness – but rather than filled with concern, frustration, as they cannot meet the absolutely inhumane requirements – they are clearly proof that the law hits the wrong.

How to write Jamie, who has just used his Friends to support borgerforslaget ‘Danes should have the right to stay in Denmark with their spouse, their children/stepchildren, regardless of whether their spouse is a dane or a foreigner,’ who has got the 4025 supports in just 12 days.

Henny and the small family has been told that they do not have any opportunity to stay here as a little family with the unreasonable demands. Also they got to know that the best thing would be to move to Germany – which they do not have the opportunity financially. Hennys letter continues thus:

– It will also be so unreasonable that Lotte must escape from his own country, and then with a small infant.

– They live at the present time in Lotte’s apartment, which she has had for the last 5 1/2 years. It is super fine and that they can easily be all 3.

– But one of the requirements traps them here too, since the following requirements must be 10 sqm larger.

– Carl has never received public benefits. They just want to be allowed to live together as a little family and be self-supporting. İlbet

– The worst of all the CHILD’s best INTERESTS are not taken into account when applying for family reunification, writes Henny, sincerely, hope that YOU will support and help with the strict requirements may be amended.

In Borgerforslaget – which you can support here – remember NemID – states:

the EU-citizens can move to Denmark with their non-EU spouse and children, thanks to the EU’s freedom of movement. For example, a German or a Romanian, settle in Denmark with his foreign family on much less stringent conditions than apply for a Danish citizen.

This is an unreasonable and illogical discrimination.

For citizens covered by the right to free movement in the EU establishes the Eu opholdsdirektiv both a right to family reunification and the right of permanent residence.

These rights does not apply, however, for Danish citizens, unless the Danish citizen has lived with his family in another EU country and immediately afterwards take the family with him to Denmark.

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