‘I have by mistake come to dial the wrong time, as I had to buy a ticket in the New Banegårdsgade in Aarhus C, 11/11-18 pm. 17.02.

I typed in 2 days instead of 2 hours, and paid with my visa card kr. 600.’

‘I immediately called APCOA and had a conversation with a friendly employee, Michael, and agreed that I should Redeem a new ticket for 2 hours. I paid with the same card kr. 44.

An obvious mistake, so I expected, of course, to get a refund of the 600 kr. to the same map.

I called on Monday, but was told to call again on Tuesday, as the employee, who deal with these issues, the first was at work on Tuesdays.’

so begins Lou’s a letter to the nation! on the unfortunate mistakes he made when he visited Aarhus for three weeks ago. As evidenced by Today’s letter and the response that Kaj received Tuesday from APCOA, so it was not just an annoying fault – no, it was just too bad Kaj, APCOA would keep the money.

And so continues Today letter thus:

‘As I will call Tuesday, I get to know that I can be on to the right person.

I’m trying to get an explanation, but get to know that I can send a new mail, then the conversation is completed, the pipe is Yorkbet being laid on!

I dial again, but get the same message yet again! And the tube was placed at 2. time!

‘It can’t call seriously’, writes Kaj, who would have the nation! to contact APCOA to hear, whether they really believe that the 600 dollars will be non-refundable. And it turns out in fact that there is a refunderingsmulighed:

‘We have been in contact with the customer several times and have had the opportunity to investigate the matter to the bottom, which, however, we unfortunately did not have the opportunity before the than the, our customer turned to you, which, of course, we are very infuriating.

So we can answer you very briefly, that we now have received the payment information from the customer and have refunded the customer the 600 kr.’, write the APCOA Press. What do you mean?

What would you have done if you were the APCOA? Have kept the money – Kaj pressed myself OK It is really to refund the money – after all, it is a clear error It is hard

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What would you have done if you were the APCOA? 11% Have kept the money – Kaj pressed itself OK 85% It is really to refund the money – after all, it is a clear error of 4% It is hard

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