Beyonce and Ed Sheeran performed together with the Global Citizen festival in South Africa. Images on the presence of raised somemyrskyn. REX/All Over Press

sing to the stars Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran performed a joint concert in Johannesburg organised the festival.

Each artist has their own style, which is naturally linked also their image one bit. This became quite clear on the stage, when the singers performed in parallel.

Beyonce showy and flamboyant dress was completely different sheeran’s jeans and t-shirt-style with.

this was noticed also on social media.

(If the tweet does not appear, you can visit it here.)

Part of the somekansan was of the opinion that a pair of joint appearances is a perfect example of the kind of beauty ideals in the public eye to occur women have to follow. That’s where Ed Sheeran walked on stage with everyday dress, Beyoncé had to get dressed in the festive garb (the occurrence of the makeup and hairstyles of the not to mention). Güvenilir Bahis Siteleri

it’s often we, too, in our midst, that we don’t appear professional. Many women use everyday morning its time to put the wind, because you feel more professional-looking makeup, and put on. Men many enough simple aamupesu and face body hair keeping it neat and tidy.

on the other Hand, many somettajat were also hanakoita substantially from the country to the fact that Beyoncé and Ed Sheerania not properly be compared with each other. Both have their own recognizable style, which both followed the gig, many of you pointed out.

(If the tweet does not appear, you can visit it here.)

This is of course true – we can’t imagine Beyoncé t-shirt-blue jeans combination, we do not believe that Sheeran would seem self-touring when, for example, tailcoat dressed.

despite this, though, one thought plagued our minds. Why so few female artist, music style, without looking, perform sheeran’s clothes like vermeissä? Do you require us to her appearance more than men?

Finland next summer gig for an upcoming Ed Sheeran sent greetings from Finnish fans.