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With a juicy government subsidies, sales of electric bikes soared. Now the environmental protection agency emptied the cashier and before a new budget is in place, no one knows if more buyers will be able to take advantage of the discount.

Money is the end of the year. Anyone who has bought a new ebike, and hope for state grants can still submit your receipt to the environmental protection agency, but the agency cannot process the application or to make any payments until there is a new budget in place.

“If, in 2019, the budget has not allocated money for grants for electric vehicles, you will get a decision about this”, writes the work on his site.

Contribution to 72.000 electric bikes

the Contribution to the electric vehicles became a political weapon during the election campaign and with the current, highly opaque, parliamentary mode hangs reform in the air.

– We are as curious as anyone else what it has for the chances, ” says Tomas Hallqvist at the environmental protection agency.

the Grant was the purchase of new electric bicycles, electric mopeds and elmotorcyklar and interest among consumers has been great. Until september of this year had contribution to the purchase of just over 72 000 electric bikes been paid. Grants have also been awarded for the purchase of more than 3,000 electric mopeds and 72 pieces elmotorcyklar.

– It has been high pressure almost Jojobet from the first moment and we have had between 2 000 and 3 000 applications a week, ” says Tomas Hallqvist.

a Maximum of elcykelpremie to Halland

Most recipients are in Västra Götaland, Skåne and Stockholm, but to the population stands Halland out with just over 5 200 paid contribution, which corresponds to 16.2 million new electric vehicles per 1 000 inhabitants.

the environmental protection agency has also discovered over a hundred cases of attempted benefit fraud.

– on the other hand, it is about kvittoförfalskningar, where, on a proposal way have changed the contents of the receipts to make it look like you bought e-bikes for 40 000 dollars each. Secondly, there is a little bit bigger tangle with three of the companies does not appear to be at all concerned with selling e-bikes, ” says Tomas Hallqvist

in Total, grants amounting to just over 1.2 million and the environmental protection agency has been reported to the police 127 cases. In an ongoing criminal investigation is investigating the police suspected fraud.

Facts: Max 10 000 in contribution

the Contribution to the purchase of new electric bicycles, electric mopeds and elmotorcyklar amounts to 25 percent of the total cost of the vehicle, including vat.

A ceiling is set to 10 000 sek per purchase.

Each person can only apply for the grant once.

the environmental protection agency’s budget for the reform was that, in 2018 to about 425,5 million.

Source: Swedish environmental protection agency

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