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When the flight crew at the gate, saw the five-year girl’s name on your boarding pass ” she said and scoffed the girl. Now the airline has issued an apology.

– She said, ”Mother, why laughs she ate my name?”. And I said to everyone she meets not please, unfortunately, ” says the mother Traci Redford to ABC7.

Traci Redford, from Texas in the united states, raging against an employee of the airline Southwest Airlines. When she and her five-year daughter would get on the plane at John Wayne Airport in California reacted to an out of the flight crew on the daughter’s name when she saw the boarding pass. She began to point, laugh and talk with their colleagues about Traci and her daughter. The girl’s name, which got the staff to laugh, is Abcde – pronounced “ab-si-dee”.

– So I turned around and said: ”I can hear you, if it is so that I can it, so can my daughter. I would appreciate if you stopped”, said the mother to ABC7.

According to ABC7 so asked the daughter why people laughed at her.

– She said, ”Mother, why laughs she ate my name?”. And I said to everyone she meets not please, unfortunately.

Photo: NBC/ColourboxFlygpersonalen started laughing when they saw her name,

the flight crew should also have taken a short on the daughter’s boarding pass and put out the picture on their social media.

– It was brought to my attention by a person who saw the post on Facebook and reported to the airline.

Traci yourself heard to the airline – but she never got any feedback.

”’ve had conversations with the employee”

Now, however, Southwest Airlines has gone out with an Cepbahis apology. According to them, did not post on the care and respect that they require of their employees.

” We have had conversations with the affected employee. Even if we don’t publish personnel actions, so we use this as an opportunity to strengthen our policy and clarify the expectations on our employees.

Abcde is an unusual name, but femåringen is not the only one who called so. During the past three decades has 328 girls received the name, 32 of them were born in 2009, writes the Washington Post.

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