The next day might be awkward.All office romances are not as happy ending as Treasury series Jim and pam’s relationship. REX/All Over Press

at the christmas party happen and sometimes you happen to happen so that night, after the wake colleagues of his bunk. O-ou!

let’s Start with the obvious: if a colleague is married or in a relationship, the common night should not have happened.

Patterns complicate it, too, if one is a supervisor position. When one has more power, even second careers and professional status of the relationship, not the setups are equal. Thus, a sexual relationship, even a short one, is not necessarily a smart bet.

Ok – what if you’re petikumppanisi with both singles and relatively in the same position in the workplace? Will there be a break room encounters so vaivaannuttavia that you have to hide at your post all day?

Considering these, then the next working day is… well, we can say that exactly the same as every time before sex, but at least a little easier.

Face the truth: none of the usual night stands

a Colleague to the bed jumping is a completely different thing than a bar acquaintance or other type of bed getting lost. Although the suffering you have to feel Betist guilty afterwards, don’t lie to yourself: this might affect our relationship with people, with whom you are dealing with almost every day.

When you’re at work, act professionally

do you Need this said? Even though you’ve spent the night together, at work you don’t have a bed, but to work together.

Lower your expectations

Maybe you were a hint of a crush on a colleague, whose armpit did you end up in a little of christmas at the end. The common end of the night advocates, however, keep in mind that it may not lead anywhere.

First of all, if you knew each other only from work, not really feeling like each other’s työminä. You’re free time is likely somewhat different job in your workplace – the same thing with my colleague.

Petipuuhailu may have therefore felt even pienoiselta disappointment: maybe dreams about the prince wasn’t as wonderful as the day in dreams. Accept this, and move on with your life annoying without it.

Discuss if necessary

with any luck, you’re on the same lines, meant this then its pretending, that nothing happened between us, or something else entirely. If this is not the case, you can always discuss what happened and how you act in the future.

as a Reminder: this debate is not to engage in workplace instant messaging service, access your work email through or in any way in the workplace. Work time is for working, not for human relationship between a mess of clearing.

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