This Monday, comes into force the new regulations of the European Union for the consumers of the member States will be able to purchase through any website is hosted in a country community.

Thanks to the new regulations, according to the European Commission in an informational brochure, “because we will not have to face unwarranted obstacles as the detour to the specific web site of a country or the requirement to pay with a debit or credit card of a particular country”.

In this way, according to the document, “it will end the discrimination in line by reason of the nationality or the place of residence”, since “regardless of where you decide to purchase, all consumers in the EU will receive the same treatment on the part of the sellers online.”

The Commission explains that until now “obstacles remain in line that prevent us from enjoying full access to the products and services offered by the companies of the EU”, which “translates into less revenue for companies and less choice for consumers.”

“The lock geographic, which prevents us from using the Internet in a member State of the EU to make purchases on a web site of another member State of the EU, is a major problem for the Union,” says the brochure, which stated that in 2015 “the 63% of web sites are not allowed to the users to purchase from another EU country”.

According to the criteria of

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