Since Apple recently presented new editions of its most expensive iPad called Pro, there came a new and sleeker design on the table. And a faster and more spacious ‘giblets’, which can now be purchased with an internal storage of up to 1 terabyte and up to six gigabytes of RAM.

It quickly runs up and with a little mental arithmetic will land the bill for the test kits, Apple has made available for the Extra Leaf, on 20.238 crowns: 17.499 dollars for the iPad with 1 TB, and the mobile connection. Add to that the new keyboard cover for 1699 dollars. And the new magnetic, rechargeable pen for 1040 dollars. Bang!

You can of course get by with less, but the most expensive package in the series tells a little about who Apple caters to. Namely, the user who will have the best, fastest and wildest you can buy for the money.

the Design of the new iPad is thin, beautiful and tight. It is a daily pleasure to use the device. Photo: Apple

It takes other about the iPad Pro 2018

The Verge: Can it replace a computer?

CNET: Great speed but limited by its operating system

Wired: Almost a computer kills

Value is in this exclusive target market of course is very liquid. Do you measure at the status, it’s probably peanuts for part of the buyers. Do you measure at the opportunity to take advantage of the blazing fast processor to work on a computer, you will be disappointed.

For even if it is Apple, who in recent years has worked hard to market the iPad as ‘everything you need’ and a substitute for a computer, it is Apple that is blocking the way towards the goal.

Let me give an example: the new USB-C connector, which also replaces the normal headphone jack. The connector is a confusing rodebunke of untapped opportunities. You can’t connect some types of hard disk drives or the USB connector to the device. They are not recognized.

What can you do not expect, that the cameras are doing before you take the SD card out and put it in an adapter. Then you can only transfer the images to the device photo album and nothing else.

You can connect iPad Pro to a display, but only mirrors the same image you see on your iPad. And you must be lucky if you can do it with a USB-C-wire directly from the display to the device – an adapter for.

Apple has, in other words, put a quantity of digital roadblocks for those who would like to use their iPad as just a computer. Missing interim also several of the apps that users use in their daily work.

As the reviewer from The Verge the other day noted: the iPad Pro is built for the important. Those who only read mails, browser, and check spreadsheets that are sent to them as a PDF. It is spot on written.

It quickly runs up, if you buy optional accessories such as the magnetic, rechargeable pen and keyboard cover. Photo: Apple

It costs iPad Pro 2018

64 GB: 8699

256 GB: 10.099

512 GB: 12.099

1 TB 16.099


64 GB: 10.099 crowns

256 GB: 11.499 crowns

512 GB: 13.499 crowns

1 TB: 17.499 dollars

64 GB: 6699 crowns

256 GB: 8099 crowns

512 GB: 10.099 crowns

1 TB: 14.099 crowns

64 GB: 8099 crowns

256 GB: 9499 crowns

512 GB: 11.499 crowns

1 TB: 15.499 crowns

Source: Apple

I love the new iPad Pro for its display, for its exquisiteness (which I would never pay that much for) and to be the best iPad ever built.

There is much along the way – despite all of the roadblocks – talk about a great user experience in a tablet that no one builds better.

I hope that Apple will keep its it police in the shorter string, or keep up with that promise me an iPad, which works like a computer. It would also enhance the user experience if the mobile operating system gave me permission to themselves to choose which standardapps I prefer to use the mail (AirMail) and map (Google Maps). Just to mention some.

And so it would be cool if the precious pen could actually perform all of the swipe, you can with your finger. The pen can not.

you Will swipe up from the bottom, or download the control centre and the centre down from the top of the screen, you will need to throw the pen and find your finger forward. It is good enough to be illogical.

And while we are at it: I have never laid the hand so many times over the reader to Face ID on an iPhone, which I have done on the iPad Pro.

I don’t know what the solution is. But once every 3. the opening of the device ends up with, that I still have to type my code into, then something is wrong. And it’s not me, it is mad with.

If you are in the market for an iPad Pro and can live with the first in some years it lives up to its impressive potential, you can safely throw you out of the purchase.

My recommendation is that you carefully consider whether be 12.9 inch version is too big. Many are doing fine and cheaper with the new 11-inch model.

The costs of the enhancements to the iPad Pro 2018

Keyboard to 11 inch: 1549 dollars (150 dollars more than in the past)

Keyboard to 12.9 inch: 1699 kroner (200 dollars more than previous)

Pen: 1040 dkk (220 dkk more than in the past)

Smart Folio for iPad Pro 11 inch: 699 kroner

Smart Folio for iPad Pro 12,9 inch: 849 crowns