It’s called officially Black Friday, but it does not prevent one of the country’s largest elektronikkæder to make a break with the competition and tyvstarte.

While, for example, Elkjøp, the HiFi Club and Apple were the first to publish their prices to the midnight, start Power sales are already at 21 on Thursday.

– Thursday evening sitting many danes by their computers and waiting for that Black Friday promotions will typically be published.

– Now they get just one opportunity to make their purchases three hours before. I think that many will appreciate, says Jesper Boysen, executive director in the Power, to Ekstra Bladet.

– It’s called the Black Friday – thus ‘black Friday’ and not Thursday. What are you thinking about the risk that In undermines the whole idea of Black Friday, start ahead of time.

– that is, if our customers can get access to the offers three hours before normal, then we break with tradition. Deeper sticks it is not for us.

the Tech – 22. nov. 2018 – at. 21:13 Countdown to Black Friday – how to win the price war

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Technology – 21. nov. 2018 – at. 13:44 Big price-trap: So little is skopriserne on Black Friday

– Next year will be the well as several days before. So there’s not much left of the Black Friday?

– so There is someone that has run throughout november as a ‘black month’. It has in spite of everything we are not.

– But there is a huge interest for Black Friday, as I’m sure many are looking forward to and have saved up for. Them gives we would like an opportunity to come a little earlier to bed.

– If you buy from you before midnight, you run the risk of well cheat for a good price, as its competitors only come with Friday. You can guarantee that customers get the cheapest price of Power?

– of course I can’t guarantee what prices the competitors choose.

– But you have the opportunity to regret the purchase if one of our offer would prove to be worse.

Technology – 21. nov. 2018 – at. 11:30 Clean bluff: Shops raise prices before Black Friday.

10 categories: Here are the prices increased most

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