Bokavtalen is a litteraturpolitisk means that the Competition never have appreciated. The government has decided that it will be passed and amendments to the new regulations is on consultation. The tradition argue still konkurransedirektør Lars Sørgard against the entire agreement. In the piece “the Book and havresekken” in the Newspaper 27.11., building his argument on that Bokavtalen is an obstacle for the digital development in the industry.

This is not correct. Bokavtalen be adapted to the digital development. The parties in Bokavtalen can, within the framework of the regulation, to modify this agreement during the term of the agreement. This is done when it is needed.

Konkurransedirektøren believes that Bokavtalen prevents new e-books and audiobooks from the to streamed. It is not so. It says quite specifically in the agreement that fastprissystemet not be an obstacle to offer books in digital subscription services. So far have strømmetjenestene concentrated on all the releases that are finished with fastprisperioden, but one will have with all new books, provides Bokavtalen guidance to how such a service should be priced.

contrary to what Konkurransedirektøren pretends to believe, is the publishers concerned that the text will be published in as many formats and on as many platforms as possible. The vast majority of books that are suitable for e-book Betpark publication is published in parallel as an e-book and paper book.

Want the books not to be set down in price before it is passed one year Audiobooks require new investments. In line with the fact that the digital market will be larger, select more and more publishers to increase the production of audiobooks. In addition, investments sharply in the strømmetjenestene and in the marketing of them. Therefore, there is a strong increase in the streaming of books.

Konkurransedirektøren want itself strømmetjenester for e-books that can be compared with Netflix. Neither the Norwegian or the international book trade, believe that there is life made for this type of solution. It is the interest in the e-book for small.

on the other hand has the industry focused on good strømmetjenester that combines seamless access to audio and e-books where almost everyone only uses lydbøkene. This is probably more future proof than konkurransedirektørens suggestions.

at the same time we must not forget that most readers are clear that they prefer to read papirboka, not least because it is a peaceful oasis in our digital påkobling around the clock. In the book trade we are not concerned with how people read – but that they are actually reading!

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