Mölnlycke+ FÖLJVillabrand in Härryda municipality: A brännskadadNYHETER

Inringarna came home and saw the neighbor’s villa stand in the flames.

Eleven units were sent to fight the ferocious fire.

– A person is brännskadad and a neighbor is rökskadad after that dragged the person out of the villa, ” says Johan Ljung at Göteborgspolisen.

the Alarm on villabranden came at 16.19.

– This is a full-blown house fire, ” says Mårten Hultman at the emergency services.

most had the emergency services 11 units on site to fight the fire.

– Neighbors who came home saw that it was a fully developed fire in the villa and sounded the alarm. Then it was unclear if anyone was home, ” says Ola Nilsson at SOS Alarm.


He says that inringarna also reported on the explosions from the villa, probably gasoltuber that is detonated.

A person Piabet is taken to hospital.

– A person is brännskadad, says Ola Nilsson at SOS Alarm.

Another person is rökskadad, said the police.

– The burn victims have been pulled out of what I have understood are neighbors, and one of them have smoke damage, ” said Johan Ljung at Göteborgspolisen.

the Police said that the villa where the fire started looks to be beyond rescue.

– It will probably burn down, and now focuses on preventing the fire spreading to nearby homes, ” says Johan Ljung.

the Villa could not be saved. After släckningsförsöket ends will the emergency services be maintained at the site for a long time.

– It will be cordoned off for at least a day, possibly two. There is a risk that there may be additional gastuber in which can explode with the heat, ” says Johan Ljung at the police.

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