Gothenburg+ FÖLJKuppen in fotobåset showed a swastika and naked on the rådhusetNYHETER

On a square in central Gothenburg passerby can take nice pictures with family and friends projected on the town hall wall.

But on Friday evening had no kuppat a picture of a swastika in the slideshow.

“I was so fucking pissed,” says Tina Hallonsköld, 29.

It was shortly before midnight in Friday night as Tina Hallonsköld, 29, was waiting on the bus next to the Gustaf Adolf market square in central Gothenburg. On the square there is a fotobås as part of the project, the city Gothenburg where it is intended that the passers-by to take nice pictures. Thereafter, the projected image towards the town hall.

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But last Friday saw the motifs are very different – someone had taken pictures of a swastika and a nude butt.

– these pictures came up two-three times because it was a slideshow. I was very shocked, ” says Tina Hallonsköld.

– Then, I was so fucking pissed. I am often out and demonstrate against nazism.

the Swastika disappeared

and She called the police and the municipality directly.

– they said They would go there, but I don’t know if they did it. But the pictures were gone pretty quickly, I had some friends who went home at half a-a and then was it not left, ” says Tina Hallonsköld.

city Gothenburg, which is Youwin a collaboration between Göteborg & Co, the city of Gothenburg, property owners and businesses, take action immediately.

– The first step we do is that we reduce the opening hours in the evening until 21 and if it happens again so we will have to remove it. It will still shine nicely with the other lighting in the square, but if it can’t be used as it is intended so it may not be there, ” says Birgitta Berglind, responsible for Both, to Göteborgs-Posten.

”Not the meaning of fotoautomaten”

the Theory is that any photographing of the images of the swastika and the butt.

– It is extremely regrettable and very boring, it is really not the idea with fotoautomaten, ” says Birgitta Berglind.

Tina Hallonsköld’m not surprised that this happened.

– It is clear that people are abusing this, it was just to wait until it would come up something like this. But of course, it is boring, ” she says.

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