” Original, brilliant, and surprising: It is the Panda. The car that comes with development – but always remains true to itself.’

How to present Fiat even its Panda model for the Italian group’s website. But on one point, the car is apparently more original than the contemporary:

When it comes to security.

the Panda, which is known as a sensible, affordable car, and according to bilistorganisationen FDM has been on the market in its current form in seven years, has recently been tested again by the european safety organisation Euro NCAP. And the result is spectacular: the Car that was awarded four stars by the same organization back in 2011, now can’t even muster one.

In the mean time is the influential organization’s requirements for new cars namely multiplied. Cars today must be equipped with a host of safety systems and ability to protect vulnerable road users during a collision, if they are to score highly in Euro NCAP’s financial statements. And here comes the Fiat Panda, apparently, to map.

the Car is thus no less secure than in the past. In fact, Panda’s got added an automatic emergency brake to the list of standard equipment in Denmark, but apparently it was not enough to cope with the cuts.

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Fiat Panda performs poorly in both models as a test of the safety of children and vulnerable road users. It gets the Danish representative in the Euro NCAP, the FDM’s biltekniske editor Søren W. Rasmussen, to call the test directly embarrassing for the Italian manufacturer.

the Fiat Panda has many years of experience. The apologize, however, that Fiat have neglected to continuously improve the safety, which is at a catastrophically low level for a car that in 2018 can still be purchased from new. Where other car manufacturers spend billions to develop the safety, it seems that Fiat have completely abandoned and looks great on security, says Søren W. Rasmussen to the FDM.dk and adds:

the car in Denmark have an automatic emergency brake as the standard, is as a plaster on an open leg fracture, when one looks at the other security. It is quite simply embarrassing.

According to the media Autocar have a spokesperson from the Fiat group defended the car’s safety performance with that it lives up to the requirements of the countries where it is sold.

– We take our clients ‘ safety as well as other road users very seriously. Fiat Panda-the model complies with Hititbet safety legislation in every country it is sold in, says the spokesperson, according to the media.

this is The second time within a short time, the Fiat goes from a safety test with a bad result. A year ago, it was the Fiat Punto, which was the first car ever got zero stars in Euro NCAP’s tests.

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