“Bank: Roma has fallen, Rome has fallen – Olsen”

“Wrong doing, just the trying, and god to know that Robin Olsen set themselves in the midst of a storm this autumn.”

“Rome has fallen, Rome has fallen.”

“In the evening made the Swedish landslagsmålvakt against Cristiano Ronaldo on Sunday.”

“Olsen stands still.”

“the Thermometer will creep down towards zero, elljusen will dance over the Juventus Stadium, Drughi will paint sydkurvan black and white, the one where the song un grande amore will roar in the concrete.”

“And a Swedish landslagsmålvakt will face their most difficult task so far.”

“Robin Olsen sums soon his first six months in Roma, and it would be ridiculous to talk about the success or sensation. Roma has not been the sort of club in the fall, not the kind of law. But should we assess what he has done, may we all allowed to weigh in on what it was he landed.”

“Rome is leaking like a sieve, försvarsspelet is a disaster, Olsen replaces the world’s most expensive and perhaps the greatest goalkeeper and he’s doing it under a coach who is a breath from being fired in a city that breathes twice as intense as almost any other.”

“the Constant when everything else svajat”

“Sweden’s number one was hailed as an ”experienced goalkeeper with guarantees” of ikoniske sporting director Monchi, self-old goalkeeper in Seville, when he wrote on the. He was not a goalkeeper that is guaranteed gold and green forests or even large victories, but he certainly has been a goalie who has been a constant in an environment where everything else svajat.”

“Tuesday was the coach Eusebio Francesco out on the stylish, trendy restaurant with a Chorus of Rome’s Borgo quarter. Outside he was stopped by a little guy who wanted to get his Roma shirt signed and a question answered. It was about Robin Olsens painting in the match against Genoa at the latest, when he lost an Oscar Hiljemark-shots between the legs before the Genoa 1-0.”

“– Stuff like that happens, it is only those who never try never fail, ” said Di Francesco. It is only those who try, who fail, as in the school.”

“Robin Olsen has tried, and he has won more than he lost. Against Genoa got a Roma save him, for the rest of the season, it has often been he who saved them. Romanisti have starving in the autumn, they’ve got to look after the small crumbs of the future to chew on. Derbysegern, of course. Zaniolos breakthrough, Justin Kluivert, the young man named Pellegrini. And a goalie who has adapted to both class A and Rome.”

“Has the best long game”

“He made the absolute top against Milan and Napoli, he impressed at the Santiago Bernabeu, and he has taken the huge step of development when it comes to the offensive game. According to the statistical service Opta, he is the goalkeeper in the whole of Serie A has the best long game. The work with the Roma’s goalkeeping coach Marco Savorani seems to make him better.”

“If there is a fire in Rome so the fire has not gained a foothold in the goalposts in any case.”

“But in the evening lights the candles at the Juventus Stadium, in Turin, who dressed nicely before christmas, and il calcio does not have longer memory than that, a new weak effort – the second in a row! – would send even Olsen to the critics and the doubters. I would say that this is his toughest task since the derby, a match that may define his first half of the year.”

“On the other side are the club that have made the league their own dictatorship in the last few years. Juventus wins again, våldtäktsanklagade Cristiano Ronaldo scores a goal again, we have a rivalmöte where the ghosts Viola and Boniperti wraps around in the scenes again.”

“Robin Olsen will stand there at the back, the evening chill will bite in the cheeks and it will not be enough to be Robin this time.”

“Roma needs a Batman.”

“1. Torino–Roma 0-1: 6 (five of Roma’s player has higher score)n2. Roma–Atalanta 3-3: 5,5 (six Roma player higher score)n3. Milan–Roma 2-1: 6,5 (best in rome)n4. Roma–Chievo 2-2: 6 (3 Roma-the player has higher score)n5. Bologna–Roma 2-0: 5,5 (3 Roma player higher grade)n6. Roma–Frosinone 4-0: 6 (8 Roma player higher score)n7. Roma–Lazio 3-1: 6,5 (2 Roma player higher score)n8. Empoli–Roma 0-2: 6 (4 Roma player higher score)n9. Roma–SPAL 0-2: 6,5 (best in rome)n10. Napoli–Roma 1-1: 7 (best in rome)n11. Fiorentina–Roma 1-1: 6 (5 Roma player higher score)n12. Roma–Sampdoria 4-1: 6 (7 Roma player higher score)n14. Roma–Inter 2-2: 6,5 (2 Roma player higher score)n15. Cagliari–Roma 2-2: 6,5 (best in rome)n16. Roma–Genoa 3-2: 4,5 (the worst in Roma)”