With only one game won, against Poland, it’s a risk to say that the Netherlands will win the Euros. However, 23-year-old Bart Blom from Oudenbosch has so much confidence in it that he took a chance. He got a free tattoo of the Dutch flag and the championship trophy. If the Netherlands wins, he will receive ten thousand euros net. “If you take a gamble, you have to accept the consequences.”

“I saw a giveaway at a tattoo shop in Geleen and decided to participate for fun. I didn’t think I would be chosen anyway,” Bart said. Yet he was chosen from about twelve participants and a promise is a promise. “When do you get such a chance? With the level of carelessness I already had, I thought: just do it.”

The design and size of the tattoo were predetermined, but that didn’t scare Bart off. “I have more silly tattoos. For example, one of Max Verstappen’s car when he became world champion and one of a game of tic-tac-toe. So, this tattoo can also fit in.” Bart had no say in the design and size of the tattoo.

Opinions from his family and friends about the tattoo are divided. “Some think it’s cool. Others wonder why I’m doing this.” But Bart doesn’t care what others think. “It’s my body, so I decide what goes on it. Others don’t have to walk around with it anyway.”

The daredevil remains surprisingly calm about his gamble, even during the Euro matches. “I watch the matches at my own pace. I’ll see where it goes. As long as you keep manifesting that they will win, it will be fine. I saw that on Sunday.”

“If they don’t become champions, I have a good story.”

But what if the Netherlands doesn’t become champions? Even then, Bart isn’t worried. “Then I have a good story to tell. I’ll just leave it there. If you take a gamble, you have to accept the consequences. And if the Netherlands do win, I’ll go on vacation with the money.”

The tattoo artist was pleased with Bart’s down-to-earth attitude. “He could tell that I had thought about it, but he found me very chill. I think many other people who were chosen wouldn’t have done it.” Whether his optimism will pay off, we will see in the coming weeks.