Raoul Ehren, the coach of the Belgian women’s hockey team, has announced his squad for the Olympic Games. Emily White has recovered just in time to make the selection. Louise Versavel, Astrid Bonami, and Aisling D’Hooghe will not be part of the team.

Among the selected players are Alix Gerniers, Barbara Nelen, and Judith Vandermeiren, who were also part of the team twelve years ago at the London Olympics. Aisling D’Hooghe could have been a four-leaf clover there, but Ehren has chosen Elodie Picard from Antwerp to be in goal, with D’Hooghe as a reserve.

Compared to last year’s European Championship where Belgium won silver, Ambre Ballenghien, the top scorer of the competition, is now part of the squad. Emily White had been uncertain for a while due to a cruciate ligament injury, but she has recovered just in time. Notable absentees, besides D’Hooghe, are key player Louise Versavel and promising talent Astrid Bonami.

The Belgian squad includes Elodie Picard in goal, Stephanie Vanden Borre, Vanessa Blockmans, Lien Hillewaert, Hélène Brasseur, Emma Puvrez in defense, Michelle Struijk, Barbara Nelen, Alix Gerniers, Camille Belis, and Judith Vandermeiren in midfield, and Ambre Ballenghien, Charlotte Englebert, Justine Rasir, Delphine Mariën, and Emily White in attack. The reserves are Aisling D’Hooghe for goalkeeping, Lucie Breyne for defense, and Abigail Raye for attack.

In addition to the squad announcement, Bert and Bavo are preparing for the Olympics in Paris with Belgian top athletes. They are getting to know the athletes and their disciplines, promising an exciting journey filled with blood, sweat, and tears. Stay tuned for thirteen episodes documenting their Olympic preparations.

The Belgian Red Panthers are gearing up to compete in Paris for Olympic glory. With a mix of experienced players and new talents, the team is ready to give their all on the field. Fans can expect thrilling matches and fierce competition as the Red Panthers aim to make their mark on the Olympic stage. Stay tuned for more updates on their journey to the Games and follow their progress as they strive for success in Paris.