The Danish håndboldkvinder fighting for EM-life, when the Monday meetings Russia in Nantes.

But the showdown is pure water compared to the street fights, who for the second weekend in a row has played out between the demonstrators from the movement of The ‘yellow Vests’, which demonstrates against high gasoline prices and falling purchasing power, and the French police.

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the Clashes has, among other things, meant that Russia’s match against Serbia is postponed from Saturday to Sunday, but also TV2’s sent to the EM has tagged the turmoil on their own bodies

So, Morten Ankerdal, Stine Bjerre Mortensen, Bent Nyegaard and Trine Nielsen Saturday, take the pins on the back of the neck, when they suddenly came a little too close to turmoil.

While preparing to send from EM-study from a square in Nantes, advancing a demonstration, in fact, dangerously close.

– There have been riots in the streets. We stood down on the way and suddenly came the protesters and police rushing. There was lots of tear gas, explains Stine Bjerre Mortensen to TV2, while the Bent Nyegaard continues.

– It is just suddenly come a little close. There were 30 to 40 demonstrators, which were closed into the foyer of our hotel, and they had it not good. They had tear gas and sprayed with antimidler in both the eyes and the mouth.

– It started as a peaceful demonstration with music, and there were many thousand people gathered. At 16.45 decided the police to divide the masses, and who was sprayed with tear gas. We were given distilled water of the protesters, but knew not at first what we were going to use it for. What we found out, explains Morten Ankerdal.

the Whole TV2-the team escaped, however, with the health in the keep, but if the unrest continues, it may continue to have an influence on the conduct of the EM.

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