Roger Federer Opens Up About Retirement Life with His Four Children

Roger Federer announced his international retirement in September 2022. In a recent interview for a documentary about his life, the 42-year-old former international tennis player shared insights into his new life away from the tennis courts.

Life off the tennis courts seems particularly sweet for Roger Federer. The former world number one retired internationally in September 2022 and has been enjoying this period of rest since then. “Retirement is great,” he said in an interview with Extra, during the premiere of his new documentary, Federer: Twelve Final Days, which highlights the days leading up to his retirement decision.

While a knee injury marred the final years of his career, the 42-year-old player admitted to seeing this injury as an opportunity and a smooth transition into retirement. “I had a feeling and a taste of what life would be like once retired, of being more often at home and so on,” he recounted.

And this life seems to suit him well. “I am super happy in my life. We have four beautiful children: 10-year-old twins (Leo and Lenny, born in May 2014), 14-year-old twins (Myla Rose and Charlene Riva, born in July 2009), and then my wife. We have just traveled around the world, (…) I can help them with school (…). So, I stay busy with that and it’s wonderful,” he elaborated.

After talking about his children, Roger Federer opened up about his relationship with his wife since April 2009, Mirka. “The good thing is that we started dating when I was about 18 and a half, 19 years old. I was very young at the time, so we’ve already spent a whole lifetime together,” he began.

Now that his career is over, his family life seems to have taken a completely different turn. “Life is completely different, but we are happy to be back to better routines, so to speak. But of course, the children keep us extremely busy,” he concluded, seemingly without any regrets.