TITTELFORSVARER REAL MADRID , revansjesugne Barcelona, hopefuls Paris Saint-Germain and even more hopeful, and one of the greatest favourites, Manchester City, are the teams it is easy to see in the bowls when the quarter-finals of the Champions League will be drawn in march.

There is bad news for José ^ the academic degree awarded.

MANCHESTER UNITED HOPE of Postage, maybe Bayern Munich, but ended up with Paris Saint-Germain. It is not only tricky.

– PSG are huge favorites

It is extremely tricky.

JOSE MOURINHOS FUTURE at Old Trafford has been a theme throughout the autumn. The speculation will certainly not subside through the winter. The Premier League is the run, the top four seems also difficult, and without a quarter-finals of the Champions League, can Manchester United’s season being over in the middle of march.

It is as if the draw of åttedelsfinalene in the Champions League has set a shelf life of José ^ the academic degree awarded.

It is 6. march 2019.

MANCHESTER CITY HAD the best starting point, could only draw Roma, Schalke 04, or Ajax, and ended up with a time – as if the draw the pointed nose of a neighbor on the red side of the city – together with the team struggling violently with five minusmål and 13. place after 15 games played in the Bundesliga, Schalke 04.

Better draw could not Pep Guardiola.

Everyone wanted Schalke 04.

LIVERPOOL WAS NUMBER two in the group, drew Bayern Munich and is surely well pleased with it. Yes, they must do without stopperkjempen Virgil van Dijk in the first leg at Liverpool. Though, Bayern have hardly defenses at all. The leader, not even Bundesliga. And with a Liverpool-offensive swarming, switch positions and like to attack in the herd when they get to put their opponents under pressure and gjenvinningspress, will Jürgen Klopp see great opportunities against Bayern M.

So is Liverpool the fifth major favorite to be among the eight final of the Champions League.

Liverpool have inflicted on Manchester United plague AND cholera,

WHEN said, the matches played two months ahead of time. A lot can happen even though the January transfer window rarely offers big news. Very much. Even so much so that Tottenham can manage to take advantage of the seasonal team in German football, Borussia Dortmund.

JUST NOW it SEEMS the stern to be in the highest layer. Borussia Dortmund leads the Bundesliga with nine points, won the group A ahead of Atlético Madrid and kept a clean sheet in five of six games. And unlike Tottenham they get a month break from christmas and to 18. January.

The Premier League players can only dream about going as an annual christmas gift in the Bundesliga.

In the Premier League, it is only a overflatesak, it is never on the agenda.

In the Premier League, there are battles that are the gift.

ÅTTEDELSFINALENE SO THEY in turn was drawn, with dates, and my favorites in bold:

Schalke 04 – Manchester City , 20. February / 12. march

Atletico-Madrid– Juventus , 20. February / 12. march

Manchester United– Paris Saint-Germain , 12. February / 6. march

Tottenham– Borussia Dortmund , 13. February / 5. march

Lyon– Barcelona , 19. February / 13. march

Rome –Porto, 12. February / 6. march

Ajax Real Madrid , 13. February / 5. march

Liverpool Bayern Munich, 19. February / 13. march

Believes the club has lost control over ^ the academic degree awarded