David Valero performed well and was very close to the podium in the XCO race at Lenzerheide in Switzerland, the fifth round in the World Cup. He finished sixth in the classification, just a few seconds shy of fifth. He was racing alongside Swiss Colombo who narrowly beat him out.

His career was a remarkable one. He performed better this time than in previous occasions. He didn’t get off the starting line and was already close to the people who were going to be fighting for the first place. He finished seventh in his second group but was only eight seconds slower than the first classified. He lost some time in the third lap but he was back in the fourth lap and finished sixth, three seconds behind the fastest. He was able to pass them all and allowed himself the privilege of being at the top of the selected group which also included three Swiss. Although he was half way there, he managed to be a jerk.

To set a faster pace, his strongest competitors waited until the penultimate lap. Fluckiger was ahead of Schurter, and David Valero was in fourth place, 15 seconds behind. The race took on a new dimension, and Fluckiger was unable to withstand an intense pace set by the Swiss. He was sixth, just ten seconds ahead of fifth and further away from the top four with one lap remaining. He started from the back and came very close to Colombo at the end.

Lenzerheide demonstrated that it was difficult to race solo. Fluckiger, Schurter and Vlad Dascalu took turns at the front. He was unable to win due to a crash and other problems with his bike. Valero participated in the race for position within the stretched chasing team in a race against the clock. Fluckiger and Schurter were the only ones leading, followed by Hatherly, Hatherly, and Colombo. Gaze, Valero Blevins Blevins Litscher, Litscher, and Braidot were trying to keep their distance from the rest. The Italian refused to give up, and managed contact with the leading quartet, and even took control of the race.

The race had already concluded with the final selection. Schurter, Fluckiger and Braidot were both marked very closely. Braidot was a special guest who even managed to take the lead in the final lap. Hatherly took the rubber, and was the weakest of all four. Sprinting seemed to be the only way out of this race.

Schurter attacked the top climb but Fluckiger won the fight. The world champion then returned the victory overtake shortly afterwards. However, they made a mistake which led to them losing a few seconds and finding themselves suddenly third and fourth in their head group.

Fluckiger tried to make it back, but he was unable to. Braidot, an Italian cyclist, crossed the finish line first. Hatherly was second but he couldn’t be faster. The Italian took first place in the World Cup. Fluckiger, Schurter were third and fourth respectively, Colombo was fifth, and David Valero sixth. Jofre Cullell was tenth and was the second highest ranked Spaniar.