Rodolfo D’onofrio (Buenos Aires, 71 years old) his father, Ralph, auditor of the AFA in 1971, became a partner of River the day he was born. Saw play the Real Madrid of Di Stefano and Puskas in the Monumental and dined with Santiago Bernabeu. “An advance, a guy who not only did great at Madrid, but the Spanish football,” he says. Entrepreneur, came to the presidency of River Plate in 2013. The club the band had already returned to First, your financial situation remained in the relegation zone. “The economy was very, but very delicate. We knew, however, that the brand and the club were worth to get ahead.” During his management, River won nine titles. Still tired after a 12-hour trip, get to THE COUNTRY to talk about the Superclásico, which will be held at the Santiago Bernabeu.


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Question. How do you think they will remember his presidency?

Response. I don’t think that Santiago Bernabeu. He was a symbol incredible. Yes I intend to remember our management as honest and, above all, that we put a River in the place that he had to be.

Q. And what about this Superclásico in Madrid how you will remember?

A. As a shame, as the tremendous shame of argentine football. It is something incredible. A security system that failed, utterly and totally. It is not only a problem in Argentina, in Europe there are also episodes of violence. The other day I saw a party of Greek football in the not to throw rocks, throw missiles.

Q. what River has no responsibility?

A. Zero. The responsibility of River begins inside the Monumental. When Mouth comes out of your hotel, it is the responsibility of the security. And already recognized by the highest authorities of the safety of the city and of the nation. Or was it the first time that Mouth came to play to the stadium of River?

Q. do you Suspect that you failed on purpose?

A. do Not know, that is an analysis that will have to do the security. Yes I know that River is a victim. Here it is forbidden to 66,000 fans, people who came from all parts of Argentina and the world, to see this great end. And now they put their show to 10,000 kilometers. We are at a disadvantage. We play on the pitch of Mouth and now the Mouth does not play on the pitch of River. And what is more shameful is that we have a problem as Argentina. How can it be that in our country not being able to play the River-Mouth?

Q. If the country can not organize a Superclásico, how can we explain that the president Macri has requested a meeting with pubic visitor?

A. Had the healthy intention of wanting to have a public visitor, but the intentions do not become reality from one day to another. If for years you were not visiting public in the city of Jokerbet Buenos Aires, you can not organize a Superclásico of the night to the morning. The stages of River and Boca were not prepared. The swells of the River robbed him of his party robbed him of the chance to see the grand final. A great end to the people of Mouth saw it in their own stadium.

Q. But do not be robbed the same fans of the River, which attacked the coach of Boca?

A. No. Were 40 or 50 criminals, who do not have to be in football and you have to exterminate them forever. The swollen River is not guilty of anything. You should not have allowed the bus of Mouth you will pass by a place where there were people capable of producing this type of acts. Do you know what happened this Wednesday night when we leave Buenos Aires?

Q. No.

A. Nothing. If they had put the Saturday of the final 20% of the security that they put up when River came out of Buenos Aires, none of this would have happened. They took all the preventions, thing that did that day. Only had to take care of a corner. They did not do so. The people of River is strange and much more alien are the 43 million argentines who want to see their River-Mouth in your country, that have nothing to do with those 40 offenders.

Q. How do you explain Spain what is a barra brava?

A. that An offender should not enter a football field.

Q. But enter.

A. clubs in The argentine football do not have a right of admission as they should have. What is needed is what was done in Russia, a Fan ID. The Government, the police and the clubs have to agree. And, then, when they were prisoners do not have to let go the other day.

Q. And the managers, what have they got to do?

A. do Not have to be complicit in this. But to do so you need to have adequate security. If I get in the street to say that I don’t want more of the stadium will threaten death to my daughter, my wife and my entire family.

Q. what Gave you ever?

A. will Not be the slightest doubt. And is this happening to me now. I have 200 or 250 Boca fans they say that I’m going to kill you.

Q. do you Mouth?

A. Yes, the River are one hundred percent with me. Not the barra brava, the people. I don’t know the barra brava. I never tried it. The only thing I wish is that there are more.

Q. isn’t there a relationship between the policy of River and the barra brava?

A. No. And I swear on my children. Have to end with this people who are committed to the policy. In any manifestation, are all of them, then the politicians will not have to do the stupid. I want that what happened that Saturday is the 11 of September of Argentina. But you have to put the balls of the national Government and the directors. We have to do it together, each one alone can not.

Q. How do you explain then that the head of the barra brava River had 300 entries in the Superclásico in your home?

A. , I Cannot explain. I don’t have any proof that the club have handed him tickets to a barra brava. That has to investigate the prosecutor, who gave him all the information.

Q. If there existed a better relationship between River and Mouth, how the game had been played in Buenos Aires?

A. River was generous and had a word. Saturday, enforce that the match was played the next day. And the Sunday, the final will not be played because Mouth had filed a writ in the Conmebol to take the points without playing around. It was not an attitude loyal.

Q. do you Understand that Conmebol would like to play the match outside of Argentina?

A. Conmebol is in all its right, what I don’t understand is that the AFA would support that decision. It was voted unanimously that the match is not played in Argentina.