This Wednesday, the Leburton stadium in Tubize will be buzzing with excitement as fans gather to watch a friendly match between Royale Union Tubize Braine and Anderlecht. The match is already set to be a special event, but it will be made even more exceptional by the presence of Eden Hazard. And he won’t just be a spectator, he will be playing in the match.

Despite being a retired professional player, the former Red Devil himself announced that he will be wearing the colors of RUTB this Wednesday during the friendly match against Anderlecht. This is a bit of a homecoming for Hazard, who started his football career at Stade Brainois and continued his training with the Tubize club, which merged three years ago.

The idea for Hazard to join the match came from both the club and Hazard himself. “Since Thierry, his father, is a club executive, it made things easier. When we discussed the possibility of organizing this friendly match, Eden was charmed by the idea of playing against his brother at the time. Unfortunately, Thorgan has been injured since. But Eden will play this Wednesday with his younger brother Ethan, who plays for Tubize, as well as with Kylian who should also be part of the match,” explained Olivier Langendries for RUTB.

The excitement surrounding this match and Hazard’s presence has been immense. Pre-sale sessions are filling up quickly. “Over 500 VIP meals will be served and we have sold nearly 4000 tickets in advance. The ticket office will also be open on the day of the match, allowing those who come from afar to get a ticket without having to make two trips to Tubize. Hosting Anderlecht in a gala match, especially with Eden Hazard on the field, will be a great moment for the club.”

It seems like everything is coming together for a beautiful day of football in Tubize. After the match (kicking off at 2:30 pm), the club will be showing the Belgium vs Ukraine match in their bar. And rumor has it that Eden Hazard will be watching the Red Devils’ match from the Leburton stadium.

The atmosphere is set to be electric, with fans eagerly anticipating the match and the chance to see a football legend like Eden Hazard in action. It’s not just a game, it’s a celebration of roots and a display of talent that will surely be remembered for years to come. So, mark your calendars and get ready to witness a truly special event in the world of football.