In the Porsche camp, the crew of the #6 Porsche 963 includes a Belgian, a Frenchman, and a German with Belgian DNA, who currently resides in Monaco. André Lotterer has won the 24 Hours of Le Mans three times, in 2011, 2012, and 2014, all with Audi, but now he is with Porsche for the second time.

“The atmosphere in our team is great and of course, the pole position is a nice achievement for Kévin and the team, but as the saying goes, the race still needs to be run,” Lotterer says a few hours before the race. The fact that he is the last man to win the race in France from pole position (in 2011 with Audi) doesn’t weigh heavily on his mind. “I’m not one for statistics, but I do want to do it again.”

Lotterer has a completely different background than his teammates Laurens Vanthoor and Kévin Estre. “They come from GT racing, and I have been fortunate to have driven LMP1 cars in the past, both for Audi and Porsche. This means that I had a different approach in terms of processes and set-up for the Porsche 963 than they did, and I wanted to work on a much more stable car, while they are used to a car that moves a lot more coming from GT racing. I have made my point, and it is part of the progress we have made in recent months, along with many other elements. Either way, we are in a much better position than a year ago, and it is a pleasure to race with the Porsche 963. I am looking forward to the race.”

Lotterer’s experience and expertise in driving LMP1 cars have provided valuable insights to the Porsche team, allowing them to make significant progress in their performance. His focus on stability and set-up adjustments have contributed to the team’s improved standing compared to the previous year.

The dynamics within the Porsche team, with members from different racing backgrounds, have added a unique dimension to their approach to the race. While Vanthoor and Estre bring their expertise from GT racing, Lotterer’s experience in LMP1 cars has offered a different perspective on car handling and performance optimization.

As the race at Le Mans approaches, Lotterer’s anticipation and enthusiasm for competing with the Porsche 963 reflect his commitment to achieving success on the track. His dedication to refining the car’s set-up and focusing on stability demonstrate his strategic approach to the race, setting the stage for an exciting and competitive event.