Vincent Vosse, the team boss of BMW M Team WRT, expressed his joy over Dries Vanthoor’s fastest lap in qualifying at the FIA WEC Le Mans 24. Vosse described the achievement as a strong performance, particularly highlighting the incredible third sector of the lap. He acknowledged that while qualifying results are not crucial for the race, the team will have another chance to compete in the Hyperpole the next day.

Vosse also noted that the red flag in the final two minutes of the session worked in their favor. He emphasized the hard work put in by the team over the past year, especially the effort to see the car on provisional pole position. Vosse expressed gratitude towards the team for their dedication and highlighted the significance of this achievement for BMW M and BMW M Motorsport.

Moving forward, Vosse and the team are optimistic about their performance in the upcoming races. They understand the challenges that lie ahead and remain focused on delivering strong results. The team’s dedication and commitment to success are evident in their achievements on the track, and they are determined to continue pushing the boundaries of performance in the world of motorsport.

As they prepare for the Hyperpole and the race itself, Vosse and the team are confident in their abilities and are motivated to build on their success. The competition will be fierce, but with a strong team dynamic and a passion for racing, BMW M Team WRT is poised to make a mark on the FIA WEC Le Mans 24.

Stay tuned for more updates on BMW M Team WRT’s performance at the FIA WEC Le Mans 24 and follow their journey as they strive for excellence in the world of motorsport.