– When it is so close to always winning, ” said Henrik von Eckermann on gotha frh, in an interview to the organizers immediately after the ride.

“But I had a bit of luck along the way too, so I may after all be satisfied,” he continued.

To come second in the prestigious and lucrative, but the final is not so bad either.

Second place gave Henrik more than a million Swedish kronor in prize money.

the Place had certainly been worth half a million, but yet was this the biggest prize money that Henry has ever ridden home in a class.

the first time that two Swedish rider Peder Fredricson and Henrik von Eckermann was with the launcher in the Top 10-the final, where the ten highest ranked hoppryttarna in the world is welcome.

Something that clearly shows how the Swedish jumping sports, which have been developed in recent years.

Peder Fredricson made it’s debut in society last year.

For Henrik von Eckermann on gotha frh, was this the first time that he got the chance to participate.

“Since I was little, it has been a dream for me to ride this final,” said Henrik von Eckermann on gotha frh.

on Friday evening in Geneva, was a shocker and sport of the highest class, which really underlined that this was some of the world’s best riders.

Peder Fredricson rode her world CUP horse, Christian K. A demolition already in the first round, however, was costly for the combination.

It was a faultless round in the second round, which was held at the time were not sufficient for the rig would interfere in the segerstriden but the pair ended up seventh.

” He jumped good in the second round. I wish I had been flawless in the first, but that’s life, ” said Peder Fredricson.

and the Castello, however, were very much involved in the segerstriden.

Castello ridden in the usual case of Henry’s student landslagsryttaren Evelina Tovek, but periodically have Henrik ridden the ten-year-old gelding with success.

How well the pair get on well stressed during Friday’s two finalomgångar.

Henry and the Castello was faultless in the first round, and when they came into the arena to ride the second round did Henry what was up.

Steve Guerdat and the Alamo had just before responded to such a fast round that the crowd drew breath.

also set the highest speed from the start, and gave the OLYMPIC gold medalist Steve Guerdat a match if snatch victory.

When the Swedish pair went into the goal, it turned out, however, that they had been 69 hundredths too slow for the that Henrik would get a step up on the podium.

Steve Guerdat won for Henrik von Eckermann. Third place went to USA’s McLain Ward on Clinta.

Peder Fredricson rode home, two cars in an hour