The time trial race at the Baloise Belgium Tour was halted for half an hour due to an emergency along the course, which had some impact on the eventual winner Søren Waerenskjold’s performance. “It did affect me a bit, but I heard that the victim was saved. That’s what I’m really happy about,” said the Uno-X Mobility team leader.

“I knew I had to focus on my own performance, but the neutralization did have an effect,” Waerenskjold admitted. He had to start more than half an hour later because emergency services were needed along the course. “Ultimately, the most important thing is the well-being of the victim, and fortunately, that turned out well.”

Last year, the Norwegian time trial specialist also won the time trial at the Baloise Belgium Tour. “But today was tougher. I felt good, but I couldn’t find a good rhythm. This time trial was also a bit shorter. I tried to find my momentum and conserve energy in the corners, as there were many sharp turns,” explained Waerenskjold. “I wanted to start hard but also pace myself, because there was a headwind in the final stretch.”

Regarding his ambitions in the overall standings, Waerenskjold said, “I always wanted to maintain my power output. I only increased or decreased by 5 watts, trying to keep it steady.” With the leader’s jersey on his shoulders, he hopes for more success in this tour. “We take it one stage at a time. If I can keep up with the rest in the fourth stage, maybe something is possible (in the overall standings). However, the competition is stronger this year. We’ll see, but I definitely want to try to sprint in the upcoming stages.”

Waerenskjold’s victory is another triumph for Uno-X this season. The 24-year-old rider is also scheduled to compete in the Tour de France this summer. We spoke to team manager Jesper Mørkøv about Uno-X Mobility’s successful year and their aspirations to break into the WorldTour:

Uno-X Mobility has been enjoying its best month in existence, with victories like Waerenskjold’s at the Baloise Belgium Tour adding to their success. The team is aiming to elevate its status and compete at the highest level in cycling, with the goal of making a mark in the WorldTour. Mørkøv emphasized the team’s determination and dedication to achieving this milestone, highlighting the hard work and talent within Uno-X Mobility that is driving their success.