What makes a gay man to a gay man? This question circled “Now we are young”, the furious debut of the Berlin-based author Julian Mars. Felix, the main character, has Sex with men. To come out of the closet in front of his parents, is difficult for him, but damn. And with “full time activists” he wants to have nothing to do – only stupid, that, of all things, his first love is one. This is changing, Felix, if only gradually.

The novel took place three years ago, quickly a fan base, after all, Mars is one of the few authors in Germany, authentic, witty and cliché-free write about a gay youth. This week, a sequel is coming out now – just read value and with a similar momentum as the debut novel.

Internalised Homo-negativity – he has to start by googling

“Let’s get out of here” is Felix a couple of years older, but still not quite in the Adults arrived. From Hamburg he moved now to Berlin. However, to overthrow, instead of as formerly to the gay (night)life, he hibernates rather be home and watching Netflix. Reluctantly he takes a Job at an education Association. And with his gay, he is still not quite Pure. He was suffering from “internalized Homo-negativity” before throwing him to his (now Ex)-friend: A term must be googling the Felix first. But then his best friend surprised him with a news – and Felix is clear that he must at some point take responsibility for themselves and others.

Actually, Mars wanted to write first, no sequel, even if the first tape had not the Happy ending, would have liked some, maybe. The thought came to him, as a reader, and readers have asked again and again, how is it going with Felix. “At some point I noticed that I also be a Ghost of the figures still in the head.” He also thought a continuation would be to write would be easier than a completely new Subject to start. “But I was wrong,” says Mars: The further he came, the greater the fear of the pressure of expectations of his readers was for him.

Julian Mars does not negotiate a key question of queer identity

Say you do these Fears of the novel, however. Wonderfully easy to succeed in Mars, to negotiate a Central question of queer identity: Coming out is not Betmoon a one-time thing, but a fluid process that accompanies a life. What I’ll share with even good friends? I mention my Gay or Lesbian on the Job? I identify with the queer Community, I want to represent you to the outside? Lesbians and Gays need to submit these questions again and again, even if they feel accepted in their sexual identity principle.

The Berlin-based author Julian Mars.Photo: promo

Sometimes, it is because the scout reluctantly, the company makes no other choice. Felix is the should be aware of when he needs to go for his training club in the school, and speak in front of pubescent young people about his homosexuality. A horror vision for him, he swears to do it once and never again. But because, of all things, the teacher is the homophobste Person in the room and not witzelnde students, he feels at once challenged.

The impetus for the first novel, a Plasberg-talk-show

Mars, himself now 32, gave is pretty close to the life of his characters. Autobiographical Felix’s story was not. He emphasized after the first Band. The impetus was a talk show host Frank Plasberg, from Mars’ point of view, was “incredibly stupid” about young homosexuals and their life was spoken. One thing the wanted was nagging at him and the straight back.

there Will be a third book about Felix long Search after themselves? The end – I can tell – suggests a sequel, at least. Not So sure, Mars is still: “But I have licked blood. To be able to say, to have a trilogy written, after all, is quite chic.“

Julian Mars, Let’s get out of here, Albino-Verlag, 18 euros. Also the long out of print debut novel by Julian Mars, Now we are young, is now back in a new edition available in stores.

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