Hverdagsbiler can easily be something special. Especially if they have a history as the cars from Mazda, there was a big brand here in denmark in the 1970s and 1980s.

Diving further down in the brand’s history, it turns out also that the japanese brand is not so commonplace even.

Jan Overgaard, who is the president of the club Classic Mazda Cars, its Mazdahistorie to his fingertips, and he is himself the owner of a very special model, namely, a blue Mazda 929 year 1980, there had only 1639 miles on the counter when he bought it last year, and now it has reached 3000 miles.

It is the rare 929L Hardtop Coupe with an engine of 2.0 liters Adiosbet that provides 90 ps.

the Model also offers specialties like low roofline, wide B-pillar, frameless windows, front doors and five gears instead of four.

Jan Overgaard is not in doubt, what catches you by the model.

– It is a lovely design.

It is a rare car and not one that you see right in many places.

It is almost more rare than a Chevrolet Corvette, he says. the
Mazda-club has over 70 members. Private
Rising interest
the President is already well familiar with the large model. He has previously had a green Mazda 929, 1979. It was imported from Germany, and of the type, which had a amerikaneragtig chrome grill with double headlights.

the Club, which today has well over 70 members of the Mazda models from the 1970s and forward to the 1990s, began as a network around the spare parts for the newer, older cars. From here it developed, and many of those who have joined, have a history with Mazda.

Jan Overgaard is not in doubt, why suddenly there has arisen an interest in the Mazda cars; they put something in the time of the danes, who can identify themselves with the brand.

– the Mazda was a frequent car in the 1970s and 1980s, which often was seen in the street. It is not the case today, he notes, and adds: -For some it was a brand that their parents had, or they had a Mazda as their first car.

Mazda-club 1 of 5 the Club gather for the big Danish get-togethers. Private 2 of 5 Klubmedlemmerne have many rare cars. Private 3 of 5 Many of the old husholdsningsbiler is gone. Private 4 of 5 Interest in Mazda is the only admission. Private 5 of 5 There is also space for newer models such as the MX-5. Private

Mazda, the club is in a way a picture of the trend, which are currently spreading at home with the growing interest for youngtimere with roots in the 1970s and 1980s.

In Germany, where they often are a little further in shoes than in Denmark, it has for some years been trendy for even very young to get anstigende in older japanese-floats dating back to the 1960s.

It could be, for example, the chrome-ornamentere Toyota Crown, which was the japanese felt response to the u.s. dollargrin.

The bars we see now also on our side of the border.

People have become aware of that there are so many back of husholdningsbilerne in the 70’s. The cars are continuously disappeared for the nose for us. It is only in recent years, you’ve got the eyes up for, that you have to put the brake in, before they all disappear, says Jan Overgaard.

He points out that, for example, doesn’t look right, many Mitsubishi models from the 1970s or 1980s. the
Mazda AZ1. Private
the Dream came true
Klubformanden itself has its own personal entrance to the japanese brand.

– It, which caught me was my aunt and uncle, who bought a Mazda 1300, which was a light and fresh car.

It could have been Datsun or Toyota, as there were also dealers in the small town we lived in. But it was Mazda. They made good and solid cars, he says.

Jan Overgaards first Mazda was also a model 1300, the year 1977. Since then there have been a number of different Mazda’s, but it was only a few years ago, the interest for the classic models were revived.

It came to pass, when klubformanden found its green 929 in southern Germany. It was later replaced by the blue 929’s, which he found in Austria through a facebook group.

Before the car could be taken in use, should Jan Overgaard, however, through a long process of repatriation and import of the car. Therefore, it was a great experience, when he finally kunnesætte into the car and take the first turn at home.

– The first trip was totally lost. For now, it was true all along, now was the dream come true, he says. the
the Mazda 1300 was Jan Overgaards first Mazda. Private
the Love of Mazda shares klubformanden with the other members, and he is far from the only one to own a special model.

Among the members one finds, for example, the infrequency Mazda AZ1, there is a so-called ‘kei car’ with mågevingedøre.

‘Kei car’ is the term for special japanese mikrobiler.

A raritet is also a Mazda 323 Zorro, which was produced in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, and a Mazda Cosmo with a wankel rotary engine from the beginning of the 1970s.

the Club is typically when there will be held large get-togethers. It applies, for example, by Wedelslund Goods in the west and at Gavnø Castle on the island of Zealand.


Made the Mazda was founded in 1920 by Toyo Koruku Kogyo. From the 1960s and forward have the reliable brand consumed in Europe and Denmark.In the course of the 40 or 50 years Mazda has particularly specialized in small series of sporting cars with the wankelmotorer. Mazda produces about 1.5 million. cars per year and is thus one of the smaller producers. While mark filled the well up on Danish residential streets in the 1970s and 1980s, the market share at home limited today.