Vantaa european family Osku’s child loves only one specific bunny.Here are the Odie family of bunnies no. 7-10. Previously, bunnies have moved from time to eternity a variety of involvement with certain or simply consuming lifestyle fanfare. Osku’s home album

– it is Now going to bunny number ten, let’s do the math from vantaa a family man Odie , whose 3.5-year-old firstborn son got the first pupulelu their newborn as a gift from godparents aunt.

Osku’s family in the interior of the movement by selling bunny soft toy has a very special significance. It has become the firstborn of the heart friends and most important unikaveri, who has a son involved in all the day activities.

When he’s watching tv, it’s on your lap. When he comes to eat, it is the lap. When we go to grandma’s house, it is in your lap. And always when he sleeps, it’s lap, Odie describes the bunny’s involvement in the child’s life.

a Particularly important detail is the bunny tail doll, which the boy fiddle with – not only with his fingers, nowadays, also on tiptoe, He says with a laugh.

Washing machine corrupting

a bunny makes has only one weakness: it does not, at least the child’s view, withstand washing. Some of the laundry machine reading change the bunny the essence so significantly, that the boy no longer take it back.

Because of the nights rest go – or the child thinks that the other high-quality life – will not succeed without the familiar bunny, the family has changed always a new bunny, when the previous one is given everything. So far, the bunny changeling has gone full.

– Now when the boy is already 3.5-year-old, he has begun to realize that something happened when the bunny ”in the wash”, He told the bunny.

Reasons for retirement or outright eradication decision has been, inter alia, the vomit staining of the toilet to slip, the suspect pinworm infection as well as a general unsanitary the many adventures and shared a meal of it.

that’s one of the bunnies missed forever inhabit a Tallinnaankin. Then it was obvious, that any stuntman will not replace the bulk of the stars. Grandma’s makeshift for purchase by a variety Retrobet of bunny plush wasn’t good enough to deliver vakipupun posts.

– It bunny then come a couple of years later kuopuksen favorite toy, Odie shed light on the story a happy ending.

in This photo in the puppets playing with the family the youngest, to whom the firstborn, favored by the bunny pattern is not formed may be particularly important. Osku’s family album main comforter

– Talkative when I am so I always tell when I bought a new bunny, incrementing the plush toy is already in our family. Information to amuse the sellers very much, Odie told me.

a Few the best day to see the bunny has been left to the cabinet acute in the case of an emergency. He also told me he bought at times proactively in the warehouse two rabbits at once, especially for the time when they happened to be in the tender.

Family man can’t yet be assessed, what will be the family’s final pupuluku, but said their current still often.

– These bunnies are quite accident-prone, because they participate in everything and are involved in every place. And your home search is people, too, that the most dangerous place, Odie carve.

over the Years it has become clear how important bunny is to children.

– It is the use of object best. Bunny is the first of what he is looking for when entering kindergarten, it is with dreams and the bunny under his arm he gets up out of bed in the morning. Bunny has become part of him and it’s probably a good reason why he considers it important. We have not seen it necessary to interfere.

These bunnies are not originally off-white. Trip in the rough there was the trio deliver today acute reinforcements for posts, if the posts do a bunny should happen to have to move abruptly aside of his duties. Osku’s family album