SAS will re-open from Tuesday 2. June the route between Aarhus and Copenhagen.

It enlightens the scandinavian carrier, in a press release.

the Route between Aarhus and Copenhagen has been closed since 27. march due to coronakrisen. The route will be reopened with two flights daily.

– We see that with the reopening of the Denmark is a growing need for domestic travel, and we would of course like to meet, says Simon Pauck Hansen, executive vice president of SAS Denmark, in the press release.

at the same time, will SAS increase the capacity between Aalborg and Copenhagen, where SAS has flown since 20. april. Thus screw in which up to three daily departures from the two.

According to SAS, the company will, in tandem with the reopening of the Danish society open to routes where there is likely to be increased demand.

We are pleased in this way to be able to support the reopening of our society, says Simon Pauck Hansen.

the Director mentions that SAS is still far from the level before coronakrisen, but slowly and surely increases the domestic traffic in Denmark again.

Within coronakrisen flew SAS to 100 different destinations out of Copenhagen. At present operated four. It comes as Aalborg, Aarhus, Oslo and Stockholm.

Earlier on Monday, informed the Ministry of foreign affairs, that the new guidelines open the way for the necessary business can be conducted. The new guidelines are made in cooperation with industry and social partners.

Although the new guidelines are a step in the right direction, is not enough to ensure normal conditions for the Danish business community. It considers the Danish Industry (DI).

– It is a very small step, as the government takes. And we estimate that it will have the great positive effect for the companies.

– In practice, there is no great difference in the future guidelines and practices, which have been under coronakrisen, says Michael Swan, branchedirektør in DI Transport, in a written comment.

He believes that the borders must be opened so that businesses can once again visit their foreign clients and business associates.

currently discussing the Parliamentary politicians, the reopening of the borders.