“The cat Bus, 12, came home again – after ten years on the run”

“”He follows me wherever I go”, says owner Anna, 33”

“ENKÖPING. The cat Bus, 12, came home after ten years.”

“– But, of course, he knows me, ” says owner Anna Stafberg, 33.”

“We lie on the floor and peeking in under the double bed at the home of Anna Stafberg and Dennis Starkenberg in the country outside London.”

“Where, in the back under the bed, is today’s main character:”

“But when Anna attracts and gullar will he finally emerged from his hiding place.”

“A large, stately bruntigrerad kattherre, with a broad brisket and a little crooked tail.”

“– He has probably broken the tail in four places, it feels like when I’m stroking it, ” says Anna.”

“– And he has probably been frozen, for the ears are rounded, now.”

“She and the Bus has invited to a small ”press conference” at home in Veckholm in the two hundred year old house, where she and partner Dennis now lives.”

“two weeks ago, they had three cats – now they have four.”

“One of them is the cat Bus brother, the cat Tommy, he is also twelve years, of course, and bruntigrerad he.”

“– But he sizzles when the Bus will arrive and want to health, ” says Anna.”

“While the Bus biding his time under the bed tells Anna the incredible story.”

“About how the Bus disappeared ten years ago – and suddenly popped up again for a week and a half ago.”

“Then, when he disappeared, lived Anna, the Bus and Cozy up in an apartment in Uppsala.”

“At the time, both the cats are indoor cats.”

“But when Anna would go off and study at college in the fall of 2009, kattbröderna, who was then two years, moving home to her father, in the countryside outside of Uppsala.”

“Where would they have to be out there.”

“– But he ran away already one of the first times he had to go out, ” says Anna.”

“Both she and her father were looking and she put up the patch in the deal.”

“in the Weeks and months went by, but as soon as Anna greeted her father, she was out searching for her cat.”

” I went along the roads and looked . I felt completely helpless.”

“”Perhaps been hit by a car””

“over the years, died the hope of seeing the little busige kattkillen.”

“I thought that maybe he had been hit by a car or taken by a fox or any other animal,” says Anna.”

“luckily, she had the cat Snuggle.”

“He got to go with wherever she moved in the coming years; to Capellagården on Öland, to the Örsundsbro, to Bålsta – and two years ago, out to the idyll to the house in Veckholm, far beyond the high road, with its own leafy garden, and plenty of exciting nooks and crannies.”

“my boyfriend Dennis is also fond of cats, and now, the family has been expanded with two lively siblings Sotis and Zingo, a year.”

“a year ago threw Anna to the end of the cat Bus vaccination card, where the id number is tattooed in his ear stood.”

“I was completely sure that he was gone forever,” says Anna.”

“But then, last Friday, when Anna was at work – she is a personal assistant , she discovered that she had a missed call from the Uppsala animal shelter.”

“I thought it was so weird, my cats were at home in the morning when I went to work,” says Anna.”

“When she rang up she was almost a shock:”

” We have found the Bus, said the woman at the other end.”

“I was completely speechless,” says Anna.”

“And Anna got to hear what happened in the Bus, at least the last five years.”

“Then he had lived in a woodshed at the home of an uncle, just a mile from the place where he once disappeared.”

“The older man, who had a cat, had fed the Bus, but did not come nigh him. The plan was that he would have to move out of the house to the man and the other cat in the autumn.”

“the Neighbor, who knew the cat in the edin, called the Uppsala animal shelter, which is trapped in the shy cat with the help of a cat carrier.”

“In his ear, they could read the number, as Anna once allowed to tattoo in, when he was neutered as a baby.”

“When Anna came home from work last Friday was the Bus already there waiting on her.”

“– He sat and piped under a shelf, but when I sat next to and held out his hand, he began to purr, ” says Anna.”

“– Then cuddled us all night.”

“the next Day, she was in tears, when she understood what hard life Bus must have had these years.”

“he was the first five years we don’t know, but he has had it tough,” says Anna, and stroking him over his back while he was munching away at his food.”

” Perhaps he has lived in a barn or a stable or something. As a wildcat, he would probably not have survived so long.”

“In a week and a half have Bus now lived upstairs in the house. First, under the sofa – now.”

“He is still on his guard, but follow Anna on the heels.”

“– yesterday he went for the first time down the stairs.”

“He goes on to the box as if he had not done anything else the past few years and he has nothing against when småkatterna will and sniffs.”

“at Least a month he is going to get bo inside before he can go out again.”

“Now when he finally have it safe and nice again.”

“When Anna scratch him on the stomach it appears that he is enjoying.”

“– Now he is going to get to be pampered and just have a good time, ” says Anna.”

“– He’s going to be a real baby.”