Indestructible he was. And indestructible he is today, also in an entirely different sense than it was then: the Jeep. At that time, that was in 1941, when the chief test driver for Willys-Overland went with the Willys MB during a presentation to the stairs of the Capitol in Washington. Just like that. The legend says, anyway. Through its operations in the Second world war, the car became a legend of their own. And with him, the Name Jeep, just initially as a Nickname for the Willys was thought, to the global term.

Cherokee is the first SUV

The military Original of the Willys Station Wagon, the first Jeep with solid construction followed, after the end of the war quickly. With a civilized four-wheel drive automatic the Americans straight to the heart, then that Segment should have been called Sports utility vehicle. This was in the mid-70s. And ten years later was definitely: Jeep invented the first Cherokee, the XJ, which came on the market in 1984, the SUV.

“Since 1941”, this perpetuated for the American brand with a long tradition as a meaningful date, in Cherokee of the fifth Generation now. Not somewhere in the Cockpit, but as a small, fine lettering on the steering Wheel and always in the field of view of the driver or rider. Jeep thus symbolizes the self-conscious “Still going strong”, the Amerikanerim Fiat-Chrysler group the afterlife in the SUV era. And also want to keep in the future.

For example, like this: While many of the competitors in what remains a booming Segment of their rather modest off-road to dub qualities, often with a rustic-looking plastic elements try, it goes in the Jeep with the Cherokee exactly the opposite way. The fresh-lifted fifth Generation coming up in October on the market, creates the impression, as Anadolucasino if trying to hide the proverbial all-terrain expertise of the brand rather than in addition to stress.

Hines: “Jeep for all of life and the road reserves”

Jeep Europe boss Jeff Hines praises the New as “the perfect SUV for any and everything,” says so in the Fine as in the Coarse and shy away no longer afraid to speak of Premium claim, at least with regard to the middle class. Actually the car looks with the significantly revised Front, the last is so very polarized, much more modern and even more elegant than before, although the grille is still the same seven aspire to adorn. But it must be a Jeep just like that. Also new is the rear has been styled, in the Silhouette of the Cherokee is now as polished; edgy, that was yesterday. The Italo-Americans, but also on the inside in terms of quality and comfort. To his right off the bat so successful the group brother Alfa Romeo Stelvio to the Cherokee but not quite. The is really a Premium.

What is surprising: Jeep offers the Cherokee for the time being only with one engine, a 2.2-litre Multijet Diesel. The makes only 195 HP, is in harmony with the new nine-speed automatic and drives the two-ton mid-sized SUV fast. Also, the modified suspension is convincing; for a first test drive on poorly paved roads, it proved rugged qualities. And there, where the conditions themselves are in Sicily much better, with the SUV-Jeep loose, if not exactly silently, traveling. Exactly it must be, if Europe speaks chef Hines from the new Cherokee as the “Jeep for all of life and road layers”. That it can off-road in luxury robe, anyway.

For Switzerland only as a 4×4

prices starting from 48’900 Swiss francs, the Cherokee comes out in October also in Switzerland, in the trade, nine-speed automatic and all-wheel drive are standard. The newly introduced Version with front-wheel drive is, according to the Swiss brand spokeswoman Ella Artioli De Feo sera offered. For 2019 is announced with a 2.0-Liter Turbo gasoline engine that makes 270 HP, and a second motorization.

Peter Hegetschweiler drove the new Jeep Cherokee at the invitation of the Fiat-Chrysler Group, Switzerland, Sicily. (editor-in-Tamedia)

Created: 24.09.2018, 17:49 PM