It is almost five years ago, that Lexus pulled the plug to the Danish market.

At that point, the sales are counted on a few hands, and there was only a single distributor to cover the whole country. Since then, there have been rumors about a possible comeback in Denmark for Toyota’s luxury brand, but provisionally let it wait on itself.

Meanwhile, the stock of cars on the roads shrunk to just under 1000 units.

– We look continuously at the possibilities for a genintroduktion of Lexus in Denmark, but right now there is nothing concrete. Looking at the new Lexus models, terms, however, has never been better for a genintroduktion – so it is a pity that we can’t offer them in Denmark, says press officer Anders Tystrup from Toyota Denmark.

Lexus has a long tradition of SUV models, there are up in time, and the absence of diesel engines is also not so crucial as it has been.
the Interior of the NX300h is typically Lexus with nice materials and has many buttons. Photo: Jens Høy
Prosperity in Europe
On the european market it goes roughly for the Lexus. Sales went overall, up by about seven percent from 2017 to 2018, and in the first half of 2018, the button 39 000 travel cars being sold in Europe.

the SUV models account for about 60 percent of the sales, and especially mid-range SUV’s NX300h is popular. It is Lexus’ answer to models like the Volvo XC60 and the BMW X3.

to get a sense of whether the Lexus has a chance against the european rivals, we have been running the Lexus NX300h on the varied roads around Los Angeles, UNITED states.

Lexus has always been known for superb finish, and our copy of the Lexus NX300h is certainly no exception. The exterior design of the car is tough on the edge to be daring, and the car has a confident attitude at the curb and in the parking lot.

SUV’s have the best when you just roll around – it takes place partially on electricity the first meter and Piabet then take it easy with speederfoden.

do you need the forces from the gasoline engine of 2.5 liters and angles of the accelerator a little more than what looks like a loving contact with the sole of the foot, yes, so skipping the petrol engine in time, and the CVT-geared to growl well enough. the
the Car is approximately the size of a Volvo XC60. Photo: Jens Høy
Low noise operation
Lexus NX300h offers a low noise level, and the car’s powertrain to fit fine. In the cities rolls the traffic slowly forward, and the same is true at the large parking areas and highways.

All the cars keeps virtually the same speed, especially on the motorway slip the traffic like a eftermiddagsdoven snake through high grass. Here are more directional stability and comfortable suspension, therefore, is also a sought-after commodity, and the points provide Lexus NX300h what it should.

The strange thing is, so that motorvejskomforten be put over the track, as soon as you hit a road with poor asphalt. Here we encounter the underbody is unnecessarily rigid, and at the same time, fine more directional stability from the motorway a bit of a nuisance.

You do not have much feeling with the car in the turns, the steering feels lokalbedøvet and easy for you to feel engaged in the driving.

Inside, the car is practically furnished with good fralægningspladser distributed in the cabin, and the rear seat is fine, except that it suffers a little under the car’s falling roofline. The absence of a kardantunnel, in turn, means that midterpladsen is just as good as yderpladserne.

the Lexus NX300h offers a different design and a very low noise level, as long as you keep speederfoden in ro. The underbody is however not the happiest compromise between comfort and driving pleasure. If the car must have a fair chance against the european competitors, the price should be sharp.

Lexus NX300h

not Available at home

Forhjulstrukket SUV

the 2.5-litre, 194 hp, hybrid

9,1 seconds

180 km/h.