Alejandro Domínguez (Asunción, Paraguay; 46 years old) is interested in the politics of a teenager. Created the Center for Students of Colegio San Andrés, where he was in the secondary. He studied economics in Kansas, then focus on the communication. He was general director of the newspaper The Nation and founded the newspaper Chronicle and the radio station AM 970. Began as an executive in Olympia in 1996. In 2016, after FIFA Gate splashed Conmebol, he came to the presidency of the governing body of football south american. Now get THE COUNTRY in Madrid before the end of the Libertadores exported to Spain.


The Police refused entry to Spain at a “fan high-risk” River Plate THE COUNTRY prepares extensive coverage for the final of the Libertadores

Question . How would you describe your evening of the 24th of November?

Answer . An afternoon of decision making. I knew that first I had to think of the common good. My personal interest had to leave the room. A day with a lot of pressure.

P . Do you felt shame?

R . Shame others, yes. We spent the most humiliating that can happen to a human being, we spit in the field. I do not go in the head, it seems to me primitive. A day that I will be marked to fire in the memory.

P . Does the football south american nor forget?

R . In the future will be as an anecdote, in the present study. You have to learn, and, above all, to take measures for this not to happen again.

P . An anecdote bad…

R . This is saw this coming. At some point it was going to happen something that would require self-criticism and find solutions deep in a problem that is there and that we all somehow knew each other. But as it had not occurred to any concrete fact, were not taking any concrete measures.

P . If you knew him, what he had not been able to avoid?

R . The part of the organization foresaw everything. But we can only foresee what is going to occur within the field of play and request the assistance and collaboration of the police or the national security. This is beyond the responsibility of the Conmebol, because they are acts of vandalism that occurred on the street. That is a jurisdiction of the police.

expand photo Alejandro Dominguez, president of the Conmebol. Inma Flowers

P . What is the responsibility of the police?

R . Definitely, it was not Conmebol.

P . What failed?

R . I’m not to judge that.

P . Do you understand that the directives of Boca and River have not been never agree?

R . It is natural. The two play to win.

P . But they play the teams, not the managers, isn’t it?

R . The game is played from the top down and the bottom up. Here play all. Each one has to mark his presence.

P . What mouth wanted to win without playing?

R . He did what he had done to the reverse River. One has to use all the resources that it possesses to defend the rights of his club. I am required that all participants be respected.

P . The Pillbox had its end, the Monumental, do not. Do you understand that River feels injured?

R . Under any sense. The Monumental had its final, but was unable to play.

P . Then, what the responsibility was of the River?

R . The Betist responsibility of what happened within the field of play, since they canceled the match and what happened with the special guests as Infantino [FIFA president], myself and other people. We spit, we mistreated them, we insulted him. Furthermore, even D’onofrio [president of River] had to dodge a lot of the guys that were running. The police found oversold tickets and there was more people in the stadium is permitted.

P . Have you talked with the chairman Mauricio Macri?

R . No, but he was always informed of the decisions later.

P . What was agreed to be played outside of Buenos Aires?

R . He understood that they were not given the conditions. You could not play in Buenos Aires or in Argentina. First, because it had happened a fact unjustifiable, which is to believe that violent can win a match. At the time it happened that it had lost the nature of this sport. From that moment on, the match was suspended. And the conditions were not given to the next party. Had that environment rare in the atmosphere, with threats and warnings.

P . Have you threatened him?

R . We receive several types of messages that did not give certainty of safety.

P . Do for you?

R . For all the Conmebol and for me in particular.

P . Whom?

R . Are issues that make the atmosphere. We had to find a neutral venue and Madrid meets all of the requirements for this game.

P . The first was option was to Miami, then Doha and finally to Madrid?

R . No, there were a lot of options. I want to thank all the cities that were offered. Milan, Genoa, Medellin, Belo Horizonte, Asuncion, and also Doha and Miami.

P . Who was the idea of playing in the Bernabeu?

R . Playing in the Bernabéu there was no original idea, but playing in Madrid. It was an idea of mine. I went to Florentino [Perez, Real Madrid president], in a telephone conversation between friends, its analysis as a man of football. I said that not only looked good but also gave us the Bernabeu.

P . Does the role of the RFEF?

R . Later, Luis Rubiales [president of the Russian federation], favor. Aleksander Ceferin [UEFA president] also supported him. And Infantino told her that he wanted to have his approval.

P . Do the River-Mouth is one of the most major capitals of South america?

R . I don’t think that in the world of two clubs like Boca and River.

P . Do you lost your capital more important?

R . No, what we won. This was a cup asleep, forgotten in time. It had remained in the memory of many people, but they no longer had that life that you have today. Woke up so much competitiveness in South america. The semi-finals were two-end beautiful and that, for the first time in 58 years, has to River and Boca playing in instances of the end. The Libertadores is alive and strong.

P . Does the football who is?

R . The capital of football is in South america. And the football is of the mass.

P . And why did you play in Madrid? Do not removed their main capital to the fans?

R . Why?

P . They are not going to be able to see your party in your home.

R . How many argentineans live in Spain? They do not have the right to see your party…

P . What more right that the subscribers of the River?

R . There were two games, one that could not play in Argentina, and the third that has to be done at a neutral venue as is provided for in the regulations. There is a lesson to learn. We are all responsible for the game to start and end within the field. If this does not occur, the regulation says that when there are guaranteed minimum conditions, the administration can find a middle ground. The field neutral that we found where more number of argentines living in Spain. The argentine is an argentine where you live.

P . Does the engine of the club is not of your people?

R . More than a million argentines living in Europe, 350,000 in Spain. The airport with greater connectivity with Latin america is a deck of cards. In function of search neutrality, no other country in South america has a population of argentines in Spain.

P . What the Bernabeu secure the peace?

R . Have the conditions for a game like this can develop normally.

P . What is the Conmebol before FIFA?

R . The Conmebol has changed, we have professionalized. He showed the world that this is a final that interested the world. We are proactive, we ran the VAR, we are promoting a way out of the Club World for that it is beneficial for all.

P . Is there any plan for players from south america are in the continent?

R . We have changed to better revenues and that these revenues reach the players, technical and infrastructure. Between 2016 and 2018, we doubled the prizes in our club tournaments. And thanks to the early tender of our history, for the cycle 2019-2022 our income will be 1,400 million dollars.