Cell concentration can do harm to the dog owner and the dog between relationship and affect the dog’s mood.

When we pay more attention to kännykkäämme like our dogs, man and dog emerged between the social side will suffer, and the dog can feel lonely. The result can be a dog of depression and behavior disorders. The vet and the Aboa-ecommerce founder Iain Booth warned on the topic of Metro magazine.

Booth said that cell phone addiction we affects dogs more than cats, because dogs are pack animals and need human guidance and confirmation.

– If the dog hope and wait for your attention, but you’re too busy browsing something completely meaningless Facebook update, you have a problem.

– If the situation continues for weeks, months or years, resulting in behavior disorders.

it’s very dog specific, how it reacts with the continue to ignore to. Other dogs can be patient to Lunabet wait. Other dogs may begin to use questionable means in order to get the owner’s attention.

– If you don’t communicate with your dog, it can begin to seek interaction with other people or other dogs. Dogs can become a real nuisance.

If the owner of the still in such a situation losing your temper and yelling at dogs is a bad thread ready.


Booth also reminds us that dogs can manifest itself in depression.

– the Warning signs are loss of appetite and increased unentarve. They may also avoid the owner of, or to hide this, and they might start licking and gnawing at his paws in order to calm himself.

– There are cases where the dog is prescribed antidepressants of the whole of its life, because the symptoms have been so severe.

Booth advises pet owners to spend with their pets quality time when it is possible, because pets do not walk beside us forever.

– Gentle and building your relationship instead of fighting and you leave your pet ignored. Put the cell phone away. I think the cell phone, taking the dog for a run is the same as sitting in a restaurant with your partner and browse be Facebook, rather than talking.

Source: Metro.co.uk

the Case is initially published in October 2018.