Of the tens of thousands of people are expected to visit Madrid this weekend to attend the final of the Libertadores Cup next Sunday, the National Police estimated that about 500 are “especially violent”, as explained by the Government delegate in Madrid, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes. Nearly 4,000 troops, at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium and its vicinity, will be the security device that aims to avoid a repeat of the incident two weeks ago was forced to suspend in Argentina the return match between River Plate and Boca Juniors.

The National Police is working “closely” with argentina to be controlled to those 500 people who have criminal records, according to has declared in the string to BE Rodríguez Uribes. Yesterday it was returned to Argentina and nothing more to arrive at the airport in madrid Maximiliano Mazzaro, a leader of the ultras of Mouth, qualified by the delegate of the Government as “one of the barras bravas the most dangerous.”

The security device will be formed by 2.054 national police, of which almost half come from other provinces to Madrid with occasion of the party. To this was added 800 civil guards who will control the fans in the airport of Madrid-Barajas, 150 municipal police of Madrid, 80 Red Cross volunteers and 70 of the Ambulance Service Municipal Emergency and Rescue (Samur-Civil Protection). Real Madrid has prepared a 1,700 security guards to control the inside of the Santiago Bernabéu stadium.


River Plate – Boca Juniors: Schedule and where to see the final of the Copa Libertadores 2018 The bars bravas, masters of argentine football

Within the field, the fans of both teams are placed each on a background. The River will do so in the north, and the Mouth, in the south. The sides are reserved for the fans neutral. The stadium will open its doors at 17: 30, three hours before the start of the meeting. It is expected that you attend the party, some 25,000 fans for each team. The rest of the localities, until 81,000 to that can accommodate the stadium, which are reserved for the Conmebol and the Spanish Football Federation.

The fan zones will be mounted in the central lanes of paseo de la Castellana, one on each side of the stadium. The followers of River have reserved the north area, between the plaza de Castilla and Cuzco square. The Mouth will be located next to the headquarters of the Ministry of public works and the square of St. John of the Cross.

The buses that shuttled the players to the Bernabeu will be escorted by the Municipal Police, which will also be in charge of making cuts of traffic and regulate the circulation. Throwing stones to the bus of Mouth was what triggered the suspension of the party. The device mobility and security to shield the encounter includes the cutting of the traffic of the Castilian between 9 and 16.30 between Plaza de Castilla and Cuzco, with the exception of the lateral direction south, and in the stretch between the plaza of San Juan de la Cruz and Raimudo Fernández Villaverde, with the exception of the lateral direction north.

The Government delegate in Madrid, has highlighted the important Bahis Siteleri device that will lead the meeting, since this is a game of high risk. Only the cost of the National Police will be 650,000 euros, given the number of hours that should make the agents. To this we have to add the cost of the conference and the extra hours of municipal police, cleaning staff, Samur, Civil Protection and staff monitoring of Real Madrid. Yes, Rodríguez Uribes has highlighted the high impact that will have this celebration for the city. Only in direct benefits is expected to be entered around 42 million euros on the occasion of the final. To join the other 50 million impact of the mark of Spain and of Madrid in the outside.

Rodríguez Uribes has insisted in the press conference that the costs of the final is to be calculated “a posteriori”. The delegate of the Government has recognized that now is not regulated this impact to the organizers, it will be necessary to see if it is possible and the way to do it.

The last coordination meeting before the meeting lasted nearly three hours and were attended by representatives of all the parties involved, such as National Police, Municipal Police and Samur, in addition to the organizers. “It’s a terrific event and it is a privilege to be held in Madrid and in Spain. Just wait that is developed with tranquility and serenity and that no incident”, stated the delegate.

Since it is planned to the place of celebration of the victory. River Plate have chosen the Door of the Sun, considering that it was very significant place and where the statue of the bear and the strawberry tree (members of the coat of arms of Madrid). For its part, Boca Juniors has opted for the plaza de Colón, where stands the figure of Christopher Columbus.

The general commissioner for Citizen Security, Juan Carlos Castro Estévez, explained to questions of THE COUNTRY which are controlling the resale of tickets, which are already reaching very high prices. Yes, the police is encountering with the difficulty that a large part of them have been sold over the Internet.

The Government delegate in the autonomous Community of Madrid, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, center, presides over the last coordination meeting for the final of the Copa Libertadores. MARTHA F. JARA EP

Pending of the confirmation of Macri

One of the unknowns that still has not been clear is if the president of the argentine Mauricio Macri will attend the celebration of the Copa Libertadores at the estadio Santiago Bernabeu. As highlighted by the delegate of the Government in Madrid, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, until the moment it is not confirmed his visit to Madrid.

What has confirmed the delegate is the president of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sanchez, yes to attend the Sunday night at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium.