Tim Merlier won the Baloise Belgium Tour on Thursday with an impressive sprint. His son, Jules, had the chance to witness the victory live from the boardwalk in Duinbergen.

Little Jules is almost a year and a half old now. So, how is he doing? According to Tim, his son is doing very well. He mentioned in an interview with Het Nieuwsblad that Jules is starting to be able to do and understand many things.

During the Giro, when Jules saw cyclists on TV, he would spontaneously shout, ‘Look, daddy!’ This led to him constantly pointing it out during the live broadcasts of the Dauphiné. Tim humorously mentioned that they had to remind Jules that ‘Daddy is home right now, little guy.’

Although Jules is still too young to ride a bike himself, he is already showing interest in it. Tim shared that Jules enjoys watching him clean his bike after training. However, there is a slight issue – Jules seems to be fascinated by the bike chain and loves reaching out for it with his hands. Tim joked that they need to keep an eye on that habit.

It’s heartwarming to hear about Tim Merlier’s adorable moments with his son, Jules. Despite being a successful cyclist, Tim cherishes these simple yet precious experiences with his son. Family moments like these remind us of the joy and laughter that children bring into our lives, even in the midst of busy schedules and demanding careers.

Parenting is a beautiful journey filled with laughter, surprises, and unforgettable memories. Tim’s anecdotes about Jules capture the essence of these special moments that parents treasure forever. As Jules grows older, there will be more stories to share, more laughter to enjoy, and more love to celebrate within the Merlier family.

In the world of professional cycling, Tim Merlier’s victories on the tracks are commendable, but his role as a father off the tracks is equally admirable. Balancing a successful career with fatherhood is no easy feat, yet Tim manages to find joy and humor in the everyday moments spent with his son. Cheers to Tim Merlier and little Jules for brightening our days with their heartwarming bond!