The followers of Espanyol not responded to the call. The call from a team that needed a breath of his own to overcome a bad streak in LaLiga, chain three defeats (four with the saw in this derby less lively than expected). In a stadium Cornella-El Prat each year less populated, not even the visit of the great rival encouraged the home fans enough to give heat from the crowd. It was not the worst entry to a derby at RCD Stadium; that figure, of 23.827 viewers, garnering the club last season. But the numbers of Saturday December, were hardly better: 24.037 fans attended the field with the hope of living the first win for white since the team plays away from Barcelona. But it couldn’t be. Neither the stage reached 30,000 fans dreamed of, nor the team was able to win.


Anthologies derby Messi

And the beat of a game in which Espanyol was losing its position as the minutes passed and the club was adding goals, also the tier, less aggressive than in the past few years, hope was fading and lowering the decibels.

Lively as he was in the hobby at the start of the encounter –had booted up so well, they take the Status Quo and with a set of lights ideal for the great occasions–, he received with a loud whistle to barca when they came out to warm up. And heated up the atmosphere when, by public address, singing of the alignment of the team of Valverde. The most booed, of course, it was Pique, the protagonist (for good and for bad) in the derbies of last year, in Cup and in the League. The fans were left to notice when Liderbahis the central he played the ball, although there were no banners this time, or run errands for your family. In addition, as we progressed to the meeting slipway to forgot him.

he Had other concerns. Because a delighted Messi with a free kick master. And continued to reivindicándose Dembélé, with another goal, after a display of the 10 in two square metres. Since then, Borja Churches had grown tired of it comes to throwing. And the followers white of clapping and whistling. With the exception of the Curve. There, between Spanish flags and scarves from Espanyol, not in order to despair. Also in the stands youth, less populated, but also inexhaustible. Moreover, she encouraged the north end a lone estelada. And so, between the embarrassment, fell to the third party. The work of a Suarez who doesn’t give up or have to shoot from the same line in the background. And the disappointment came on the field. “We can get that goal, pussy,” cried Victor Sanchez, who felt that the party had no remedy.

And not had it, especially after the fourth. That was born, again, from the right boot of Messi. Again stopped ball. And the public, that he had fired the first time between whistles –not know very well directed who–, who was marching to the stadium, as they fell more goals, it just came up after the auction of Duarte in the 73rd minute. And how he did it. Nothing like the intervention of the VAR to react to the crowd. More if the videoarbitraje –long consultation, which lasted almost three minutes– can be used to override a so much that they had returned the pride and the desire to the local. And the hope fizzled out. And the last ten minutes were a hive in the vomitorios of the stadium. It was cold and the show as not worth the effort. And then, yes, the beeps won the applause at the end of meeting. “I am grateful to those who have whistled to their own fans when you’re not playing. Today it has been ported well the fans of Espanyol”, is fired Pique.