An american couple’s dream wedding in ferieparadiset the Bahamas developed into a true nightmare, as the future bride was abused by one of the employees of the hotel, while she was asleep.

It writes several u.s. media including the New York Post.

According to the media, the couple had invited 70 of their closest to the luxury Sandals Resort back in april 2016, but the night before the wedding snuck the couple’s assigned hotel-butler believed in at the couple’s hotel room, where he chose to carry out a sexual assault on the 32-year-old bride, while her fiance was in the bathroom.

– There was a or another, which caused me to wake. I could feel there was something wrong, ” says Ashley Reid to the u.s. media and continues:

– As I slowly woke up, I discovered that his hands were down my pants, so I jumped out of bed. I screamed all I could, and he ran out of the room. I was totally disoriented and could not understand what had just happened. I was in shock, she continues.

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According to Ashley Reid crashed her future husband, Jeffrey Pascarella, out of the bathroom, when he heard her scream, after which the couple contacted the police.

the Hotel stressed subsequent to the couple that they had fired the butler, and took his work phone with the phone numbers of hotel guests.

Why was Ashley Reid, very shocked, when her phone rang the day after the attack, and it turned out to be that butler, who wanted to know what the pair would have to eat for breakfast.

despite the incident chosen pair, however, to complete the wedding.

– We had about 70 guests and would not disappoint them, but it was surreal. I have dreamed about my wedding my whole life, and it was certainly not like this, it should be gone, says Ashley Reid to the New York Post.

A week after the Vdcasino abuse acknowledged the butler guilty of improper construction, although the hotel – according to the pair – had tried to persuade them to drop the matter.

– throughout the whole process was very dismissive. They would not have, we called the police, and I think they did everything they could, that the case does not escalate, says Jeffrey Pascarella.

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the Hotel has since offered the couple to refund the 15,000 dollars (about 100,000 dollars), as the couple paid for the wedding, but the pair refused.

instead, they have now sued the hotel for no less than 30 million dollars, which is equivalent to nearly 200 million Danish crowns.

– I have been diagnosed with PTSD (post-traumatic stress, red.). It has been an emotional nightmare, says Ashley Reid, and continues:

– I have gone to psychologist, ever since it happened, and I am just trying to be normal again.

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the Couple’s lawyer, John Nicholas Iannuzzi, says that the hotel offered compensation is a ‘pittance’ and that the amount is in no way near to be able to compensate for the incident.

– This is something they will remember for a lifetime. It was their wedding, and there is thus not just talk about a few glass, which was shattered, but on the contrary a very traumatic experience, says the lawyer for the New York Post.

The us media has also been in contact with Sandal’s Resort, which in a written opinion rejects that they tried to get the couple to refrain from contacting the police:

– There is nothing that is more important than our guests safety and we take allegations of abuse very seriously.

– We have worked for decades to create a safe environment in our hotels, and our efforts include, among other things, that we cooperate with various authorities to ensure that we are among the safest resorts in the Caribbean.

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