At the Accor Arena (Bercy)

After eleven years without any defeat for Frenchman Gregory Babene, his streak ends this evening at Bellator Paris against Castello van Steenis. The Spaniard wins by strangulation against the Atch Academy fighter.

After a round, where Castello van Steenis demonstrated the extent of his talent in the phases of the fight drawing on the reserves of Gregory Babene, the Spaniard seized the opportunity to strangle the Frenchman. A technical attempt as the Frenchman uses the Frenchman’s arm in submission.

The fight being organized to nominate the next fighter for a chance at the Bellator middleweight title (-84kg), Gregory Babene tried everything to stay in the fight, even if it meant throwing punches into the void during the boxing phases.

However, the Spaniard, who has never been knocked out or submitted as a professional, is a complete fighter who was able to capitalize on his wrestling skills to counter the Frenchman’s strong points. It is therefore Castello van Steenis who obtains the title of first competitor for the belt.

Gregory Babene therefore still has 23 victories for now 12 defeats.

With this victory, Castello van Steenis presents a record of 15 victories, including 11 finishes (3 KOs, 8 submissions), for 3 defeats.