The end of the fight that no one expected. While Cédric Doumbè and Baki were going blow for blow at the Accor Arena, the former felt a cut in his foot. He then warned his opponent, who told him to “remove what was bothering him”, either “a splinter or a piece of glass”, as Cédric Doumbè said after the fight.

However, according to the referee it was impossible to interrupt the fight for this. He therefore made the decision to arrest him for this microinjury, which was strongly criticized by Cédric Doumbè who, like Baki, “wanted to continue the fight”. In the end, Cédric Doumbè lost by forced abandonment, but hopes to “be able to fight again” against his evening opponent. The latter also said he wanted to “face Cédric” again, in “an even “bigger stadium.”